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So who has Kurandara already?

IRC Elite+ buyers should have it by now.

This guy did:

first one I’ve seen so far.

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I got mine. Power level 15 on Urskaya is nice I guess. Can’t think of another use for it atm :laughing:

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We are almost done with the campaign and yet i dont see any excitement from the rewards. And overall the boring events and stupid scoring.


Personally, I think the artifact has been the best of the rewards. It makes a difference in explores, lets me do quick explores a couple of difficulties higher. It was useful this weekend :slight_smile: Everything else has been meh, barely noticed it. Even for elite pass rewards, a couple of filler troops and a pet and the best I got from those is a feeling of “I’m keeping up with everyone else and not lagging behind on kingdom power”. And in general, the campaign has felt like more of a “I don’t want to be the only one not playing it” than an “I want to play!” To quote one of my guildmates who isn’t paying much attention to campaign tasks: “Why does everyone suddenly have much higher stats than me?”

I suppose the target audience here is not an end gamer, but somebody earlier in the game. Though I don’t know how they’re suppose to keep up with all the campaign tasks that require lots of different teams/weapons :thinking:


This guy basically does what 2 other weapons already do, but they do it better. Doomed Scythe and sins’ harvest. The weapons deal damage to all and turn yellow to doom skulls and for half the mana.

So much creativity!!!


Exactly my thoughts, but this i like :crossed_swords:

I liked Kurandara at 24 mana. 26 mana, I don’t know.

I have access to get it but since they’ve tied an achievement to the max Artifact level, I’m waiting until next week to collect so there’s no questions on the achievement ladder (if someone doesn’t play GoW, they won’t understand why I got it a week earlier). Annoying when devs set you up to make achievements questionable.

It shouldn’t be that difficult to explain… Elite Pass+ gave you one week early access to the Achievement. Surely others in your Achievement ladder have unlocked it as well?


Yes, so far 3. Oddly enough, saying here that I have access to it due to Elite+ pass should be enough proof but I also like to keep my word. The Mythic is not valuable in any respect so I can wait the week and have no possibility of questions in the future.

you have access to enraged kurandara?