Kurandara in the drop pool!


Will it be in event chests too when the kingdom is up?

It should be at this point as it simply is another troop. It will probably be a long while before Urskaya shows up again though.

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Kurandara is in the drop table — it costs the same to craft as any mythic: 4k diamonds and some other incidentals.

Enraged Kurandara will not be in the pool, barring a bug. This is the troop that costs 8 Power Orbs.

In case you were conflating the two. Didn’t want you to mistakenly waste keys searching.


@Magnusimus Kurandara has not been in the Soulforge yet, or did I miss out on it last week?

It hasn’t been in the rotation yet, I’m pretty sure, but it’s been confirmed to “cost the same as a mythic,” so. There shouldn’t be any sticker-shock when it shows up, hopefully.


Thank god! Will every event run have a really expensive 8 Power Orb Mythic and a 4000 diamonds one?

No one knows the frequency of these occurrences for sure, except that the devs are on record as saying there won’t be such mythics (or any mythics) “in every Campaign.”

So — who knows :man_shrugging: Only time will tell how often we get new Bosses, and how frequently mythics will be part of Campaign rewards.

EDIT for “time” :rofl:


My guess would be, that a mythic will be reward in EVERY campaign. Not all of them, will require Power Orbs to craft/ or other extra stuff. Some will be just another mythic without any Zuul-type of Xathenos-type recipe to craft them - just the regular price when their time comes

time to burn all my gem keys I guess actually no, this is a terrible idea. Even if it is significantly scarier at 26 mana vs 35… soul forge is the best bet for this one, I think.

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But how many keys did that take?!

Me personally I am waiting for troop to show up in the soul forge

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Good pull, bro!

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You dont want to hear this…
… but 600 gem keys (plus like 2k glory keys bit earlier)

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Given I’ve got 1,400 Gem keys and 100k Glory sitting around doing nothing, it’s probably worth a shot… :+1:

Oh well, so much for that… :frowning:

Sorry to hear that. The odds are really really low for random mythic. I was just trying with few keys. I wouldnt have used more than 1000 keys at this point.


Don’t sweat it, doooood. I’ve spent more than that on mythic week no less and gotten nothing. Anytime someone can get a mythic here on a random day is a win as far as I’m concerned.

I did think I’d got it first shot when I saw the blue “New” pop up, then I realised it was Shade of Kurandara :frowning:

I did actually get a Worldbreaker, but I’ve had that for ages.

I probably should have saved a few Gem Keys for the “Mythic of the Month” (or whatever it is) but WTH, I’ve still got over 100k Glory Keys…

The real question is, are we going to need to wait for the “end” of the Soulforge rotation to be able to craft this troop, which is still several months away? The Devs have stoically refused to answer this concern.

(Also: Kurandarito pet when, Devs?)

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