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Question on Campaign Mythic

I know that in 3-4 weeks passed the end of the campaign the Mythic that is part of the elite-pass will have a chance to show up in the soulforge…

The question I and my guild have is if it will show up in chests or from keys at the same timeframe?
A later timeframe?

Thanks for helping with this, I imagine that the answer is in here somewhere but my searches thus far have not yielded a positive result.

Hmm, intentionally? :smiley:

The official guide says:

Any new Troops and Weapons in the Elite Pass Rewards will become available to craft in the Soulforge or purchase a few weeks after the end of the Campaign.

I don’t remember seeing an explicit “yes, they will be in chests” or “no, they won’t be in chests”. Will be interesting to find out. I’d assume the mythic won’t be in chests unless they specify otherwise, they want to make it $$$ worthy.

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My understanding of the matter is that after the exclusive period expires after the end of the campaign, that the campaign mythic enters the general mythic pool as is available through normal methods. That includes pulling it from gem and VIP keys, and event keys when the appropriate week for that mythic arrives. In the case of Kurandara, that would be Urskaya’s week.

That said, if I remember right from before Taransworld went permanently offline (someone who has a copy of the schedule can spot check me on this), Urskaya has an event week during the campaign. Which would mean that Kurandara would still be exclusive during that week and need the next the Urskaya event week to occur before event keys could pull it. That’s surely a long, loooooong time away.

One might as well figure at least 6-8 months minimum as a rough estimate, as kingdoms only can have 1-2 event weeks per year (52 weeks / 34 kingdoms = ~1.53 kingdom event weeks per year) assuming a generally normal distribution where everyone gets their turn being the event week kingdom.

IMO, Soulforge or bust if one goes the free route on the campaign.


10th week/last week


They said somewhere, that Kurandara won’t be in event chests whenever the appropriate kingdom rolls around and is only available through luck on other chests and the soulforge. (But I cant remember where or provide a link)

  • Shade of Kurandara & Kurandara – These troops will start appearing in chests 3-4 weeks after the Campaign ends
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I will never understand why they keep saying 3-4 weeks. They’ve been saying it for as long as I can remember for every new troop released. When has it EVER been 3 weeks? It’s always 4 weeks I wish they would just state it as such.


I think Lord of Slaughter was in chests way less time than that.

I’d really, really like to be able to click on a troop within my collection (either in the owned or unowned view) and get a list of chests it is currently in, along with the odds of pulling it.