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Campaign Begins: Seal of Kurandara

Originally published at: https://gemsofwar.com/campaign-begins-seal-of-kurandara/

New Campaign Begins A brand new Campaign begins today, join Scarlett in the Maugrim Woods, where there has been an unexplained recent increase of Daemon sightings. Artifact: Seal of Kurandara During this Campaign, players can earn Stars to level this Campaign’s Artifact – the Seal of Kurandara. Each new level will expand the story of…



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what’s this about?


Pulling up a seat for this one. This is going to be good.



I am pretty sure that is a small spoiler for next weeks world event

There was some previous discussion that Enraged Kurandara would be craftable with Heart of Rage (that I couldnt participate in :frowning: ). It would mean a second potential mythic that players also get at least partial early access to… so share the popcorn :smiley:


At least the aren’t armed and dangerous.

On a related note, I still highly suggest that the campaign mythic is available in soulforge in the break in between campaigns before entering the normal soulforge rotation.

I don’t think anyone would argue that $10 for the mythic is a bad deal (assuming all tasks are done) or for $25. Even at a normal mythic worth of crafting materials, these are still a good deal overall.

Waiting a whole campaign, before being able to craft the previous mythic is kinda cruel imho.


Such bs. 10 chars.


What’s to rage over this? Or should I say “potential” rage?
The devs want you to pay for this.
But if you are dead set on not paying (or can’t afford it.)
Then here’s a huge hurdle for you to get it for free.
It sounds like just another vault troop. Except that is needed to craft a different troop. :man_shrugging:


This gave me a lol (similar, sure, but not the same, hence I don’t really see the point being made). It sounds like we’re being convinced/persuaded? Which I don’t think would be necessary in the first place if it wasn’t problematic.

+1 to the suggestions that $10 for the Mythic (i.e. 4000 Diamonds, etc.) is enough of a reward without the 1-4 month exclusivity period – or if it’s really needed to suck in those players with hoards of Diamonds, 1 month is more than long enough, so hard cap it there.


Those who spend $10 still have to wait the whole campaign. Those who spend $25 have to wait 9 weeks (unless my math is off.)

So what would be the incentive if I had to just wait 11 weeks before I could craft it?

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The start of the sentence is there…

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I know the beta testers had good intentions for convincing the devs not to give the 200 bonus stars at the front end but here’s week 8 for all the passes.

Free Pass: 800 max stars possible.
Elite Pass: 800 max stars possible.
Elite + Pass: 960 max stars possible.

So if the goal is to get the new mythic before anyone else does then for $15 more you get it a week before those who pay $10.

But if you spend $10 then you’ll get it at least a month before free pass does.

I think this is a reasonable point, even if I’m not in favour of monetising exclusivity for GoW (I still think it generally goes against the positive things people used to say about it).

I’d be happier with a shorter, defined cap, e.g. 2 weeks or a month at most:

Other note –

I don’t think it was ever configured as front-loaded in any of the iterations. We definitely discussed different ways to award the stars or configure the Elite+ Pass, but hard to say if any of that was considered. I.e., I don’t think the devs were convinced to implement it that way, that’s just how they decided to do it from the start and to now.


I just checked and it was always 20 stars per week. We never convinced them to change it from 200 up front.


Well, if it had an exclusive week for chests, such as in between campaigns, it would not matter.

Given how many mythics there are, and an additional 3 to 4 diluting the rotation and general chest pulls (assuming the Friday mythics are not discontinued), it’s not immediately available.

A $10 or $25 fee to avoid the 1 in 40 out of the average 1000 approx gem keys is a weird combination of a regular mythic being paywalled. Zuul is more exclusive, but still craftable anytime.

If we could crsft these mythics in the off weeks, the $10 is a cost saver if one is chasing a few other mythics to craft. As is, each campaign mythic gets progressivly harder and harder to get outside of lucky rng without buying.

The cryptic message about the heart is concerning as well. Not a good follow-up to more monetization in updates than actual updates.

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And that’s exactly the point.
Before I knew better, I’m sure I spent well over $10 trying to get a new mythic from chests. Because back then new mythics were left out of the chest pool for a month after their release week. Now they are put into the pool immediately.

I just find the argument “we don’t want to wait” as a ludicrous one. When they could very easily make it so players can’t get it for free at all.

It’s really easy…pay $10 and folks don’t have to rely on RNG.
Choose not to spend $10 and you’ll have to rely on RNG to get it for free (minus crafting resources.)

Enough talk (it’s weekly reset) have at you! :wink:

does the Elite Pass and Elite+ Pass have variable prices?

Is there a reason why Elite Pass is $10.99 for 50 VIP pointsand Elite+ Pass is $27.49 for 125 VIP points?

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Is there a convenient controller hotkey to get back to the campaign menu? Something like double-pressing R1 to open the adventure board. It’s a huge pain navigating back to the menu (period - but especially using a controller), and we need to do it hundreds of times per campaign.


I thought they said $9.99 US. Already raised price? So the old $10 is now $11. The old $25 is now $27.50.

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You don’t even get the vip points of the adjusted price, not that a 10% increase on the price makes me feel any better about this.