Hopes for Campaign 2?

With the Kurandara Campaign winding down and whatever’s next only about a month away, I was curious to know what people want to see, particularly in terms of the rewards that will be unlocked along the way. Another mythic? Deeds (and/or Books of Deeds)? Medals that do more than just straight-up damage boosts?

I’d also be curious to know why you want what you want. Maybe if the devs take notice of what our motivations are, they’ll design accordingly?

Probably not — but an orc can dream!

For the Horde


I think they should just eliminate the bonus reward for free play, the artifact skill bonus is enough.
Would save so much complaining.

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Lol, I actually don’t think that’s a terrible idea.

I’d be interested to see 1-hour-long, consumable Potions that work in all non-leaderboard events. I think a big draw card of the free Campaign is the bonus stats, which can help with completing harder Delves – and these consumables could tie into the same kind of motivation.

More broadly, I kind of think I’d like these Tasks and rewards to appear as a big, monthly ‘Achievement Board’ grid that can be completed at any time of your choosing. This could allow for harder Tasks, and reminds me of the achievements for Risk of Rain 2 and FORCED Showdown – two games I like that I think could be valuable for GoW to draw from in terms of game modes, incentives, replayability.

Off-topic wish:
  • E.g. Off-topic, but I kind of wish, although perhaps with a different reward system not tied to Kingdom Power, Delves would incorporate more creative and powerful room buffs and debuffs for beating certain rooms, like in FORCED Showdown. As you go along, you collect buffs like:

    • “Gain 1 mana for every 25% Health missing when entering card phase”

      • “Allied Troops gain a 10% boost to all stats for every Troop missing when entering a new room.”
    • Full list: Battle Rules - Official Forced Showdown Wiki

  • Some more GoW-like options could be:

    • “Summon a random [Generator/Striker] at the start of Battle, if there’s a space available”

    • All allied troops gain the Razor Armor trait

Realistically, though, I get that that would be unlikely, given the extra development time required and the amount already spent on the current system. Like you, though, a half-Orc can dream :')

Yes please, tbh, although admittedly probably hard to come up with and implement in a balanced way in a World Event. Lots of dreaming here.

Ideally for me there wouldn’t be another Campaign Mythic for round 2, given the extra Diamond strain to catch up for non-Elite Pass players (amidst all the other strains like new Weapons and e.g. Doomed Weapons for newer players, which are astronomically and imo unfairly high). Don’t really have a solution for that from my end atm, though.

I’m sure many people would like to see the removal of Tasks requiring resource spending, and I’d probably support Please do not force us to do Arena/Treasure Maps unless the rewards are buffed too. It would probably be worthwhile for the community to come up with suggestions for the Tasks they would like to see, to bring something to the table.


Remove the blatant uninspired resource draining tasks (or at least increase the rewards to make up for them).


Let’s call her NERFetani and agree on the following:

Spell: Transform target troop into itself (will halve its level)
3rd trait: on 4/5 matches, eliminate 5 from all skills from a random opponent

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My hope would be for it to be replaced with something other than the greediest most low effort thing they have tried to pass off as content, but this is 2020 and hope is dead.



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Do we have confirmation that the Khetar mythic is a Campaign mythic rather than a “usual monthly rotation” mythic?

EDIT for spoiler blur.

All I want is for the Free Pass to give worthwhile rewards :sweat_smile:

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Its probably best to wait until the Campaign 2 announcement for that. I think its in everyone’s best interest to treat spoilers as an idea of what’s to come vs gospel and/or not to mention spoilers outside of spoiler threads when possible…

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Would be great if we could complete more than just the 1 gold/silver/bronze tasks that are currently highlighted at the same time. This would save quite a lot of unnecessary busywork.

Can’t imagine this will ever happen though :frowning_face:


Make the elite pass purchasable with gems. At least for players with VIP already.


I agree. I’ll blur my post (just figured the car was already out of the bag with @Live’s post of the picture).

Stop saying the paid rewards need to be more inline with the free rewards, because its not fair to offer better rewards for paying customers.

Things like 20 gold keys and a vault key as rewards after the Mythic for the $25 pass. That is a joke.

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No official confirmation. However, it has a Monday release date (in December, on week 10 of next campaign), the bits of lore we have for the next artifact suggest something’s up in Khetar and it fits in the timeline with other campaign troops scheduled for release. I’d be VERY surprised if it wasn’t a campaign mythic, one way or another.

The unspoiled version: talking about the next maybe campaign mythic :slight_smile:


I suspect everything for the next campaign is already more or less in place, so I don’t think we can influence rewards for it at this point. But for campaign 3…

I’d like to see a bit more in the free rewards. At a minimum, you should be getting more than you have to spend to complete tasks.
And it would be nice to have at least one exclusive thing in free rewards - eg. one copy of a new pet on the free track, more copies to mythic it on the paid path. Just something for players who can’t pay to look at and go “ooh, I want that”. Something to look forward to, something you get to keep after the campaign (not saying the artifact bonuses aren’t great, but they feel less tangible). Or if it’s not an exclusive, at least something enticing. A single imperial deed for example.

For paid rewards, I’d be happy with fewer exclusives and more useful things. Eg. probably don’t need another mythic, but I sure could use more deeds. Or heck, even writs. An orb or two wouldn’t be bad either - regular for free, major for paid?

Whatever they do, I hope they mix it up a little and not do the same type of rewards every campaign, like they do with world events.


Buckets of orbs would sit pretty well with me, although I guess more-end-game players would probably need bigger carrots. Lots of Vault Keys, too!


And an Epic Vault Key as the cherry on top :grin:


I wonder if we will even see the overpowered mechanic effect artifacts were supposed to have.

What was it?

  • When an ally cast a spell give “X” mana to another random ally?
  • At the start of each of your turns entangle and disease all enemies, then enrage and enchant all allies?
  • All gnolls’ spells won’t miss the target?