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Hopes for Campaign 3?

So two Campaigns are now in the books, and we have a basis for comparison: what do y’all think? I’m still curious to know what people want to see in future Campaigns, and what constructive critiques we’ve got for the ones we’ve seen already.

Personally, I still like the stat gains helping in delves (but I’ve also started boosting hoards past 100, so maybe that’s the actual reason I’ve beaten Sunken Fleet [199] this go-around? Still beating my head against Werewoods [199], Warrens [177], Frostfire Keep [188], Dark Pits [155], and Lyrasza’s Lair [144]. Makes me want chaos shards to drop from gold keys, or treasure hunts, or tributes from factions, or something now that I’m running low on treasures like most people I know are), but I think it’s really stingy that these disappear the moment the Campaign ends. They should last until the next Campaign. I’ll still fail to 2500 a faction with 42 attempts instead of 21 — Orc’s Honor :raised_hand:

Rewards in general are okay-not-great for people paying ten bucks, but I’d not mind at all if the free pass got the medals the $10 pass gets so that pass-buyers could get 50-100% more. It’s not going to break the bank for most people to get like a half dozen “free” medals every 3 months. Free rewards are pretty abysmal still, which is sad to see, especially because it also means the pass rewards are less exciting than they could be so that the game isn’t pay-to-win. Raise free rewards so that you can also raise paid rewards to be more worth the money, plz ‘n’ thnx ya.

Speculations welcome — even from elvses!

For the Horde


Better f2p rewards are a must. The only reason I did this campaign was because of the books of deeds. Otherwise, I would have ignored it.

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Elite pass mythic troop that isn’t hot garbage. Pharaoh Nefertani is going to gather so much dust they might as well rename her Pharaoh Haboob.


That you could actually complete more tasks rather than just the 3 that are currently active at once.

Yeah, this isn’t gonna happen but I can dream :laughing:


A single dev, completes a single campaign from start to finish. :slightly_smiling_face:


If 2 books on the Free Path and 2 books on the Paid Path is their idea of fair, I have no faith in Campaign 3. More of the same.


It’s bigger chance that Trump get another 4 years.


:stuck_out_tongue: :vulcan_salute:

Campaigns are hit and miss.

Campaign tasks:

I like the tasks that ask for a specific team set up, like a kingdom. It forces me to use different teams during my routine grind.

The tasks making me do other parts of the game I dont care for, like arena? No.

The time gated tasks are frustrating. The game only shows you three tasks at a time. What if there is a task you cannot see yet, but it is, say, adventure board? So you do the adventure board, then later that same day see that task and oh, too bad I guess. This mechanic means I have to look outside the game to forums or discord to get the full list of tasks so I know what not to do. As a general rule of thumb, 1. gameplay (adventure, dungeons, and delves in this case) should not be discouraged but the tasks do just that, and 2. all game info needs to be in game.

World events:
Why is scoring rules not in game? As a guild lead, it is frustrating having new players who do not know that the week’s scoring is in a forum post. It took me about a year of gameplay before I came here. This is terrible design.

The goal of world events is supposedly to add uniqueness and player choice, but it doesn’t. The old events like tower of doom were far better even though they are static. Even our new players, when they find the old events, prefer them. If the devs want uniqueness, this needs to be reworked.

Disclaimer, I am of the opinion that a game needs both whales and free players. The whales keep the game running, and the free players provide the bulk of the community. The two groups of people need each other. That said, though I don’t think I classify as a whale, I do spend more money than I should on the game and buy the Elite Pass.

The pass absolutely should not provide a mythic. That mythic can be gotten at a future date for free players, sure, but making it exclusive for a short time is still an issue in my opinion. It is the first time I have seen this game provide something to paid players exclusively, and that makes me worry about future decisions.

I would love to see cosmetics in the game. Exclusive paid for costumes? Sure.

Hopes for campaign 3:
Scoring rules in game. That is all I ask that is realistic.

If I can dream, it would be a rework since the campaign system feels rushed without adequate design and testing.


I agree with almost every point, especially the time-gates being frustrating and the desire for a lot more in-game explanation of scoring mechanics and the like.

One point I disagree with, however, is the mythic: I think that’s about the best possible way to monetize the game in a way that isn’t too unfair. I, for one, wouldn’t want to buy a pass if it in no way progressed my kingdom power, and that’s all the junk mythics and cosmetic pets really do in the current passes. That’s about the entire draw for most people buying them, I think.

That being said, I think it would be a lot fairer if the mythic was available in the soul forge immediately upon the completion of the Campaign. If a person has to wait 6+ months on the F2P track that’s too long, I think, even if waiting for a mythic that’s sub-par.


I could get on board with this. Put it in the Soulforge either last week or week between campaigns. That effectively means that a pass means you dont have to spend diamonds, making diamonds a real money currency.

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+1 to that. As a campaign pass buyer, I love that idea.

My hope it NOT to see another troop craftable with 8 power orbs :grimacing:

First one brought Enraged Kurandara, second Duskbringer. Two occurrences isn’t enough to establish a pattern, but that’s two of “campaign pass gets you misc items that you will need to craft something very expensive”, which makes me nervous about what’s coming next.


No more writs, books, deeds and whatever else levels kingdoms for the paid pass. I hate spending money on stuff I will never use. More gems that can be used for events, diamonds for crafting, copies of random cosmetic pets, event keys and even some orbs.


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If I am reading you correctly, I think this an extreme fringe minority position. I suspect most people would like more things that allow for kingdom upgrades.


I’m sure most endgamers would like more of that but me being a casual player now I don’t care about kingdom levels or stars. That’s just me though and I know people in top guilds do want that stuff.

Okay, I think I understand your position. Most players will never reach a point where books of deeds become the limiting factor, so those players will be less motivated to buy elite passes that include books.

No more tasks that must span 2 days (i.e. complete 2 adventure boards). I nearly missed out on week 9 by not having chance to do campaign until Saturday. If I had waited until Sunday to do this task then I would not physically have been able to complete 2 adventure boards before new tasks on Monday.



  • Free task skips for paid passes. Low number each week for elite pass, higher number each week for elite+ pass.
  • Removal of tutorial tasks that have the sole intent to burn resources, like crafting summoning stones and wasting keys.
  • Ability to see all tasks of the week from within the game, without having to rely on the community to provide band aids.
  • Elite pass troops and weapons available in the forge for crafting in the one week between campaigns instead of having to wait for up to a year for them to show up.
  • Consistent price tags for weekly world events, no more spontaneous 500% price hikes because whoever sets the reward thresholds doesn’t understand or care how scoring works. Increasing the rewards proportionally (e.g. 5 major chaos orbs at stage 12 if the event costs five times as much) would work too.
  • World event rules available from within the game, without having to access some external web site.


  • Devs won’t even read this thread.

This is awesome actually. I imagine more people would buy a pass for a skip so they could keep their gems.

No hopes. A major changeover would be needed for me to touch it, a such grande change that I would be an egghat if I ever believed it would arrive. Fourdotwonne mentioned many of these potential changes, combine all of his suggestions.

I believe most is playing the Campaign - not because they are having fun - but because they are afraid of missing out on troops/pet/weapons etc.

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