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The next campaigns

What do I expect from the new campaign?
New appearances or armor.
Let the Mythic Troop have a 20 or 25 skill boost for at least a month.
The elite pass must be paid for with gems (many games do)
That the points are acquired through fights and participation of events, the tasks would only give extra points.

What would you like about the campaign?

An announcement about it prior to the start of it. :slightly_smiling_face:
(It’s the small things in life.)


It was ingame at least from Thursday → New camapign will start soon. :laughing:


I think my thoughts have remained largely unchanged, which is a shame since we’re coming up on a year into the Campaign’s implementation.

This is sort of a problem, as evidenced by my lack of a “Hopes for Campaign 4?” thread — it means people are inured to the way things are and are expending less energy to try and get things to change. And there’s plenty that could be changed:

  1. Rewards — I get it, this is a non-starter for the suits. Still sucks, and I still disagree; I think more people would buy gems or passes if free track had better rewards that were harder to get due to effort and not artificial time-gates. Passes, by comparison, would obviously need to be made commensurately better. More medals, for starters. Higher rarity medals, too (because I get they’re “only for money” frustration tools but - guess what? - people like me aren’t frustrated into buying tokens, but rather frustrated to the point that we’re playing less. My trophy counts are down — I’m bored/hopeless/apathetic/whatever-descriptor-suits-you, and I’m sure I’m not the only one. Non of the mythics released have really been dazzling (though I’ll admit they’ve been “good enough” to warrant my mother and I getting them thus far, for kingdom power purposes, mostly) — some are bordering on cool-ish, but will anyone actually use Dao (or Kurandara, for that matter) for anything other than novelty? :man_shrugging: Anything else that pays out less than it costs, blah-blah-blah; I’ll end on a good note, though, by mentioning Imperial Deeds being added is neat, though I fear the kingdom power disparity between F2P and P2P that might result over time.

  2. World Events — In medal design, in event restrictions, and in scoring things could be improved. I want interesting, unique medals that aren’t just “double skull damage” or “double your spellz, LOL.” So many neater possibilities could exist — I’ve mentioned a few of my favorite ideas before, so a different one I had : Medal of Bleeding : Inflict a stack of bleed upon all enemies when matching skulls (or red gems or — go nuts! any 4+ match). Event restrictions have been discussed ad nauseam; suffice it to say restrictions should seem in-alignment with the medals, so fixing the first issue I think would go a long way toward improving this one. Scoring is another dead horse to be beaten: put the rules in-game, make it clear how to score points if you want to. Simple. People should be allowed to know the object of the game before they begin playing. To close on a positive — the lore is usually a nice little touch. The charm isn’t enough to excuse bad gameplay, but it’s there nonetheless :man_shrugging:

  3. Off-Weeks — let the Artifact stat last until the next one. One week of getting to enjoy the stats earned over the course of the Campaign is well-deserved, especially if their first “week” is actually only 3-4 days, given the tasks being artificially time-gated.

  4. Time-Gates — literally the worst part of the implementation, to me; it’s number four because TROJAN HORSE, MUAHAHAHA, I AM AN ORC BUT I CAN TRICK LIKE A NASTY-WASTY HOBBIT. If you want it to take awhile for people to complete the campaign, give them a difficult task; Hunting 5 Krakens IS NOT difficult. Killing 50 is getting closer. 100 is probably more on-point, surely. FOMO can still be created when people look at a task and think, “Uh…10 thousand 4+ matches would take me how long to do…?”

Maybe I’ve other thoughts, maybe I don’t — Guild Wars fogs my vision this week, my blood surges no other song…


EDIT: Also if I get a Treasure Hunt of 130 turns, I’d like that to count as two runs, kthxbai (Silver Task could read “get 180 turns of treasure hunt done” or something, I don’t know. Just stop incentivizing me to quit the moment I’ve gotten to 60)


TL;DR Rewards seem fine. Task system could benefit from some tweaks. World events need some serious work. Give us that extra week.

I don’t really have an issue with the rewards. I suppose the “big pass” seems like a terrible deal. But I don’t know anyone who has even considered buying that one. So it falls into the none of my business category.

The free pass seems about right. Newer players who are enthusiastically playing, can get some free things for doing things. Vets who would rather skip it can do that without missing much. The exception being the stat boosts and the impact on GW. I’m not in that kind of a guild. But people that are might be feeling forced to do something they don’t find entertaining just for those stats.

The lower price paid pass seems fine to me. It amounts to a dollar a week subscription. The rewards seem in line with that. Better mythics would be…ummm…better. :eyes:. Overall, though it seems close enough for jazz.

I would change the task system if I had the power. Time gated tasks would be gone immediately. It should be up to the players whether they play an hour a day or 7 hours for one day.

I would also pull arena and treasure hunt out of the tasks until the modes are truly fixed. A compromise would be to limit each of those drastically in terms of how often they appear and how many runs are needed.

The world events need major help. They are so out of balance and inconsistent with each other. From the restrictions to the scoring. There is a pattern, but there is no logical reason for the pattern that players can relate to. I wouldn’t even know what to fix first.

Finally, that empty week… let us have the stat boosts.


I get that – but at the same time, if they are going to be time-gated for non-Elite Pass players, and potentially at a rate that could be difficult to catch up on (for any player that doesn’t already have a complete collection and a mountain of Diamonds/Event Keys), especially with the dwindling ability and availability of Event Keys to target them, it’s possibly ideal that they’re not meta-defining.

Novel but not game-breaking is probably (imo) the best approach, and so Troops like Quetzalma would then be kind of perfect.


I said the current rewards are fine, to me. I wasn’t asking for any change there at all. Sorry, I thought that within the context of the entire paragraph, that it would make sense. I forgot that I’m not a great writer. Haha.

[quote=“Tresk, post:5, topic:68916”]The lower price paid pass seems fine to me. It amounts to a dollar a week subscription. The rewards seem in line with that. Better mythics would be…ummm…better. :eyes:. Overall, though it seems close enough for jazz.

Anyway, what I meant about the mythics was simply that better mythics (that some have been asking for) would indeed make the rewards better than they are now. I didn’t mean they would be better for the game or that better rewards were needed.

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This! I have basically gone from playing at least 4-5 hours a day to forcing myself to do arena on the off chance I’ll get something useful. After what is, most days, nothing but disappointment, I go and do something else. Spend money on other games, read a book :woman_shrugging:


“Good! Damn players using all our server resources! They’re not free, you know!!” :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: