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Overall campaign feedback

It’s not yet a 10% of current campaign, but there are already some requests and complains about this new game mode. I’ll try to sum them up in this topic looking to keep them all in one place for @Kafka and @Saltypatra to keep track of them. I doubt there will be changes in current campain, but this feedback might be usefull in planning next campains

Some things that are pointed out in most/many topics:

  1. campaign UI could get a little rework

Community would like to see improved mechanism of collecting tasks rewards and keeping track of quest progress - people are suggesting either:

a) being able to collect tasks rewards from battle screen(and seeing next task) - by adding a campaign button, similiar to chat button, on the battle screen
b) being able to see whole quest chain in advance, and being able to do next task in a chain without the need of collecting it’s reward

  1. Some tasks descriptions might be written more clearly

Biggest example being “Kill 3 Tresure Gnome”, while you need to kill any 3 gnomes that carry a tresure bag, not 3 copied of troop “Tresure Gnome”)

  1. Rewards from free pass and elite+ pass could be improved. As most people aren’t disappinted from elite reward, there are numerous concerns about free pass and elite+ pass users.


  1. There are some concerns that current and future artifact bonuses might negatively impact Guild Wars , by potentialy giving 1 more artifact level to elite+ pass owners.


  1. People aren’t satisfied with few task types

Two most often pointed tasks that most of community members don’t like are:
Treasure Hunt tasks
Resource using tasks (use event keys, craft units)

Will update the list when i’ll notice more repeating requests/concerns.

Update: Added #5


Since you’ve pulled so much together in one place, theres a concern I’ve been holding back to let all of the boiling points cool down a bit. It would be great if the tasks requiring multiple days to complete them were at the end of the set for that rarity. Getting held up on day 1 of the week for a 2 day task was annoying. Would like to be able to get the easy ones out of the way. I can understand a gem sink for tasks people don’t want to do, but creating artificial bottlenecks in the hopes that people with impulse control issues will waste 100 gems is not understandable.


Speaking of artificial bottlenecks they have one for new players.

Delves. Since they changed the unlock process (which never needed to be done) new players are not able to do delves. To grind to that point at low levels is a job unto itself. That really isn’t fair.

Now keep in mind they couldn’t increase elite + rewards to make them even close to the value of the money spent because it would unfairly balance the game for f2p players. But have no problem making it unfair to new players?

The hypocrisy of this dev team is endless. I have no doubt that is where the “infinity” part comes into play with their name.


All I want is to be able to do any task I want in any order. I had three gnomes crash my battles before the task came up and they didn’t count because I was doing the task before that.


Remove all tasks that require resources. The first week & already down 100 souls + 50 emeralds + 2 event keys. Show me one reward on the free pass worth 2 event keys.
And it’s going to snowball as the campaign progresses.


Main issue is that we will do all the tasks in 1 hour… not sure it is what devs want.
And players will complain because it is too difficult to find a team which can do task A, B and C at the same time even if it is not mandatory or that they can do it separately.

That’s actually a good point you made there because that is probably the next thing I would complain about if they let us do tasks in any order we want.

They annoyed me at first too, but then it was click click done! It’s only a tiny bit of loot.

If there is a shortage of hotkeys to open Campaign, I’d prefer to lose the one that opens chat and have it open Campaign instead.

Or put a Campaign Tab on Adventure Board, so 1st R Button opens AB, 2nd RB opens Campaign.


I strongly dissagree about delves being the bottleneck. Early game players can always do faction events.
As my lvl 56 alt has unlocked only 13 kingdoms, it is able to participate in any faction event that’s showing up.
bottleneck is at the currrent state -> finishing enough kingdoms quests to unlock:

  1. dungeons
  2. soulforge
  3. explore mode
  4. unlocking additional kingdoms to use their banners

from the current campain week, my alt is able only to finish 2 golden tasks, while unable to access dungeons or maugrim woods explore (which block access to any other silver/bronze tasks) - one option to mitigate that would be to

randomize order in which tasks are given to players

new players could still be bottlenecked by locked content, but at least they would have a chance to do a bit more tasks before they would be locked.
and whitout that:
i guess that for another weeks of camapin, my alt it will be locked with unfinished taske from current week, so… it might be able to catch up somewhere near week 8 or 9 of campain (as i’m predicting i wont be able to unlock maugrim woods earlier)

My alt got to 56 mainly by doing quests (i did 1 challenge-required by game progression, 2 maybe 3 arena runs, 1 explore run-required by game progression, few daily ab’s, 2 floors in TOD, bunch of quests to unlock new hero classes, other than that i’m only doing quests… and i’m 56 already). With current pace, i think it will hit 100 before unlocking last 4 kingdoms(or even last 8 ones).

I remember 2year ago, kingdoms had to be unlocked, but you could pick any order you wanted - they would show up on map, when you hit required level

Not cool for people who work Monday to Friday. They’re likely to do most of the tasks in the latter part of the week. And they real!y don’t want to come across a two-day task at lunchtime on Sunday.



The rest of my feedback can be found in the other 100 comments about the new coke version of daily tasks.

thx for pointing that one. not a native speaker so sometimes i forget how to write proper english.

I know, there are pieces of feedback trown arround in many topics. What i’m trying to do with this thread is to make a summary of most popular complaints/worries (even if i dont agree with some of them) and put them into 1 place.


Thank you for the effort. I lost count of the different campaign threads. It is good to have one single place to consolidate the proposed changes.

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Incomplete tasks can be completed the following week, so outside of maybe the last few weeks, that wouldn’t be an issue. The bigger point is avoiding a bottleneck on the first day of the week.

This is a fantastic idea, please do this.

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Also under UI, the ‘skip’ button doesn’t skip anything. The campaign stars jump up and twirl around regardless which button I press whenever I finish a task. Please fix or remove the skip option.

Tasks should GIVE loot as a reward for playing - not TAKE loot in exchange of playing!


Added a point about tasks that could be replaced /changed with other task types.

The blatant targeting of new players is sickening. They want to catch up but are clearly in the dollar binoculars. Don’t have resources for a specific task? Tough; buy them or spend gems you don’t have. A mercenary abhorration on every level