This is boring

Latest “solutions” seems to have only made the game worse.
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I concur. So far I am seeing not much variety in campaign tasks. I know the devs wanted to make tasks that are easier, but have we seen any instances of, say, Soul Grinder? Can Treasure Map farming be a task (say, 5/10/15) ? I can understand if we don’t have Kingdom or Class tasks (those require unlocks that some earlier players may not have access to) but do we at least have Troop Type slaying tasks? Can we at least have a task requiring one troop of a specific Troop Type (or Kingdom) on team? What about assembling a team around a specific Mana Color?


It’s a huge improvement over the old system though.


I don’t think it is. The old system had its faults – could be a bit grindy, and introduced too many multi-day roadblocks – but it provided purpose on Mondays and encouraged (but didn’t require, post-free-rerolls) exploration of week-specific troops/banners/weapons.

The new system overcorrects too far: completing it is too quick, too incidental and easy, and it seems to be picking from a very small pool of tasks given how frequently we’ve been given the Dominator PvP task.


Debatable. The old system had its annoyances but wasn’t (very often) guilty of lacking variety.

This week’s (Switch) Campaign Tasks caused me a double-take because I thought they legitimately picked the same task for two ranks (it was actually Brawler vs. Slayer, but that’s hardly a difference worth talking about, right?).


I’m actually documenting this (for Switch). If anyone wants to help assemble the pool of Campaign Tasks, go right ahead.

(The funny part being that the game necessarily retains the prior pool of tasks, as Switch was still using them for 3-4 more weeks).

Nah, I prefer efficiency and I can explore at my leisure without missing a beat. I can also do world event without having to change constantly.


What do you complain about?
I work on Monday like many players and the campaign tasks in GW weeks must be complete on Monday (especially if the bonus is 2 magic) otherwise there is disadvantage in GW. I prefer to invest the minimum required, not an hour of changing teams banner classes etc.

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Regardless of when the campaign tasks need to be completed seeing the exact same requests every week is boring.
Changing banners shouldn’t take a hour…

And I actually enjoy building new teams. Gems of War loves to release free or pay to use troops. But doesn’t feel like players should have to build new teams on a regular basis.

They took something that wasn’t redundant and made it redundant. “That’s my complaint”.


I gotta disagree. I’d just reroll my tasks and do them passively. Now I have to actively do a bunch of pvp battles.


They said this would not force us to do certain modes - yet there’s do pvp battles and earn glory, forcing us into a specific mode.

There are enough possibilities without that (that are already used or could be used):

  • do x battles
  • kill x (colored/type) troops
  • match x colored gems/skulls
  • earn gold
  • earn souls
  • earn treasure maps (not that great but it could be there)
  • earn XP (maybe also a possibility?)

I may have missed something. But my point is, seeing “win 25 pvp battles” almost every week is definitely annoying. I do them but many people hate pvp, and now they can’t reroll.

It somehow feels like a ploy to try to get people to spend gems. :sweat_smile:


Nice to see everyone coming around on this one.

Its been said on another post as well that the earn glory task is basically the same task as doing pvp battles. You can earn glory from other sources but the game only counts the glory you earned in pvp.


Which is also really stupid/lazy design. The game should at least count any glory that is given out as battle rewards.


I thought it was a lot better before. It could have been “fixed” by letting people preselect all tasks they wanted to do and then letting them accumulate passively without having to go back to pick new ones.


Agreed, but I like the fact that my guild will do pvp and have a chance to do find some pet gnomes. PvP is so easy to do as a task.

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Exactly it. Changing my team every 5 seconds was so annoying.

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The old system was far from perfect, but it was good enough for me. Any task could be re-rolled for a generic (albeit lengthy) task. We never had to play a game mode we didn’t want to.

However, re-rolls have gone. The only way to complete the “glory” task is to grind away at PvP, which is annoying and boring. Maybe you should call it what it is: PVP, not “glory”.

I’ve tried doing delves instead, but “delve room glory” doesn’t count as “glory” for some reason, although it is glory in any other respect.

And please don’t suggest spending gems to skip tasks. Games are supposed to be entertaining, and paying to skip gameplay means paying to skip “entertainment”. If so, its not entertainment, its a chore.


Exactly that. PVP is a pain.


Plus, they could invent NEW tasks too. Remember “Okay Boomer” ? How about:

  • Match 4 or more Gems
  • Match 5 or more Gems
  • Match Doomskulls or Heroic Gems

Honest questions…

Were the old tasks any sort of excitement? Even though it seems they were pulling from a much bigger variety of tasks, it was still pretty redundant from week to week. And the tasks themselves didn’t more fun or interesting to me.

Is there something in the game preventing someone’s ability to build new teams? I do it all of the time, without the old campaign tasks. Why would we want to force that on those who don’t enjoy it? I can’t personally see why building new teams wouldn’t be fun, but apparently it’s not a universal joy. :woman_shrugging:

Lastly, I’ll just say that the old system was quite redundant. This way is MORE redundant, sure.

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