This is boring

The lack of diversity in PvP defense makes it so building new teams is useless.

Old tasks would force creation. Or reroll. Now it’s play PVP or waste gems.


Quite the opposite actually, they encouraged people to build new teams. Perhaps too subtly, but still … restrictions breed creativity.

Y'know, like:
  • Tower of Doom requires you to build a single color team – like, say, including a Gem Dragon. Delves, likewise, require you to use matching colors.
  • Weekly Events routinely impose restrictions on Kingdom, Troop Type/Role, and/or Mana Color. Especially so for Raid Bosses (Kingdom), Tower Invastions (Troop Type), and Class Trials.

There cannot be any creativity when the only meaningful way to earn anything is to win. You just pick the most imbalanced stuff of your color, thats all.

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Every single week has been either Dominator (win 25 PvP) or Glory hound (win 25-30 PvP).
I hated it in the previous setup, but now it’s worse since it’s some 500 gems if you don’t want to do it. You can’t reroll and do something else. Glory Hound is just a jab in the eye because other battles that grant glory don’t count.
PvP takes longer than almost anything else. It’s constantly teams based around Chalcedony, Queen Bee, or Great Wyrm, so it’s boring fast and rarely counts for anything else. Had a fight take 45 minutes and killed over 20 creatures, not worth it.


Why would you spend 45 minutes on a pvp battle? I’m not being snarky. I’m actually curious. Guild Wars, I would understand.


But here is where you completely lose me. “Old task” we have to make a team and ummm do things. “New task” we literally don’t. But if making a team and doing things was possible before, it is still possible now. We just don’t have to. So go ahead. Make new new teams and do things! It is exactly as possible as it has ever been! I will join you because it’s fun.

Here’s where I am at. Old way, I would use the tasks in either explore or PvP. New way, pretty much the same only I can usually knock them all out getting to tier one pvp. It’s the same slog without the irons and chains. Also I don’t have to do treasure hunt or arena. Also I dont have to worry about multi day tasks, or tasks looking for a troop that is not a guarantied find, also I don’t have to worry about oops I did my dungeon before the task popped up,

Meanwhile, I am free as a bird to use all the wrong banners, sketchy kingdoms and weird weapons I want to use, every day. The game isn’t forcing me, but yet, I can still do it. I can even treasure hunt and arena, any time I wish. I can even hunt around for X troop to kill.


Indeed, that’s what I was trying to say as well. Being forced to change a banner or do treasure hunt is not as cool as having the freedom to do them, but I’d rather do other things.

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Can we please have SOMETHING other than PVP in (Glory is PVP because the bug hasn’t been fixed anywhere else if you get Glory)

I joined a guild that did not REQUIRE PVP… Please please please… can you be at least a bit more creative in the tasks?

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If you insist on still forcing a little something on us, how about

  • fight x battles with your hero on the team
  • fight x battles with at least one y colored troop on the team

There you have two that shouldn’t be too egregious.

A baby drooling and pounding on the controller could do the campaign tasks this week…and its the last week. I think yall got what u wanted

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The fringe benefit is that the new Weekly Event troop typically releases with an event bonus of +5 Glory in PVP matches, which decidedly increases the speed at which you can complete “Glory Hound”.

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You’re still free to do pvp or anything that’s tougher.

Do pure faction 500 but only with the worst troop of the delve if you really need a challenge. :joy:

I’ll do pvp to tier 1 as every week, but I was still happy no one was forced to do it for campaign.


Spot on. There is many ways to have a challenge, using 3 troops instead of 4 is another option @Sinnycool :sweat_smile: :sweat_smile: :rofl: :rofl: :joy:

More “occasionally” than “typically”, I’d say? It’s often one of the other bonuses: bonus gold / bonus souls / bonus traitstone in PvP.

You’re probably right, I barely ever check that tab of the Events page (and I barely PVP so it makes little difference anyway).