Quick ideas for improving the Campaign interface

Very quickly:

  1. If a task has been completed, go straight to the Tasks tab when opening the Campaign interface.
  2. If star rewards are available, but not yet claimed, go straight to the Campaign Pass tab when opening the Campaign interface.
  3. If star rewards have not been claimed, put an indicator on the Campaign interface flag/button (maybe in a different colour from the usual one).
  4. On the level 0 artifact screen, remove the “Stars 0/0” text completely – it’s very confusing.
    5a. When a Campaign task is complete, give us some way of claiming it more quickly than leaving our current game mode (eg: Explore) and going into the Campaign interface.
    5b. Once a task is claimed, put us back into the mode we were previously in (eg: I totally forgot I was halfway through an Explore run).
  5. BUG: on a tablet screen, the Star count in the top-right corner is partially off-screen, and there’s some other misalignment bugs on my iPad 6.
  6. Show us future tasks in advance, so we can optimise the order we do them in.
  7. The amount of stuff you have pay-walled is pretty disgusting. (I’ll create another thread for this.)

Hope that helps.

  1. When claiming stars, do it faster. We can’t even access the Skip button, so get rid of that, for one.

That Skip button taunts me to no end, protected by its spinning barrier. I hates it forever.

Good, no, Great suggestions. Phenomenal, and concise as well. Hopefuly they can be implemented sooner than your also excellent Explore UI suggestions. Tyvm. :blush:

  1. Could have the 3 current tasks appear as a pop-up, like Adventure Board.