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Hopes for Campaign 2?

I’ll be quite disappointed if the next Artifact will again grant just a bunch of mostly useless stats.

Prepare to be disappointed then? :wink:

Though the artifact has room in the coding to have all sorts of neat perks (it can basically have traits), I don’t think we’ll see that in game any time soon. If you look at the UI on the artifact screen, there isn’t a spot to show them. They might be available in future campaigns (after a UI update) or, more likely, never. My guess is they just reused the code from somewhere else.

I think you’ll be quite disappointed.

The only thing that will change is some of the rewards.

Do you know the logistics involved in dealing with a completely digital product? It is more difficult than what Amazon deals with for 1-2 day shipping of actual products.

An epic vault key instead of a regular one for elite plus buyers?


We all hope for Campaign 2 but basically our chances are summed up by ; " a dream can be the highest point of a life ’ Go read the The Famished Road a much better use of our time. I’ll head off and re re-read it. Campaign 2 will offer the same asinine dribble drivel. Hold our breathe; it could be better. Nope. Nope,. Nope.


All that following a (deliberately?) bugged drop rate of Epic vault keys…

Yes that would be perfectly in line with the kind of behaviour we can expect from Publishers/Developers involved in a F2P game.

Frustrate your players to the pulp and then…Hop la! Its magic! Here comes the long desired EVK in a real money pack!


I hope the game dies

I think it’s time for you to put the game down and channel your passion elsewhere. It doesn’t seem to be doing good to your mental health.


I would like some more keys from rewards. With epic tasks I hardly get any keys anymore. I also don’t want any deeds, writs, books or whatever it takes to level kingdoms. For tasks I would like the delve tasks to be level 100 maximum and some more arena tasks.

Stop playing and you will get your wish.

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Increased rewards on the free track would be nice. At least enough to cover the resource bleed going in. I tried gave this one a fair shake even though I knew it would be resource negative, but got busy on week 8 and trying to grind past the Gargantaur bottleneck when he isn’t in an event is where I ended up calling it. I’m not sure I’m going out of my way to play them at all in the future, but…

The main thing I want from campaign 2, even if ever playing it again myself but just as a general improvement that would make the system less obnoxious to interact with, is for Stars to auto collect and reveal the next task automatically. Having to back out of whatever you are doing, click campaign, click into the menu, click onto a different tab, and click one of the tasks to collect stars wait for an unskippable animation, click to back out, click back into whatever you were doing and resume (discounting any time spent on the actual campaign task, organizing a new team, reading what you need to do for the next one or whatever, this is purely padding that involves menu fiddling and an unskippable animation).

You already get a banner pop up that can serve as reward stimulus reinforcement when you finish the task due to the pop up… its not quite the same as a stars animation, but the player sstill did a thing and got a visual and sound to let the brain know they did good. Even if stars autocollect, theres another button to actually collect rewards from collected stars, so you still have to go into this menu to collect rewards, most players will still visit it a couple times per week and have to do a drive buy on the Upgrade to Elite Pass button, which I have to assume is part of the way it is laid out how it is. But visiting the menu every completion task is unnecessary, it does nothing to enrich gameplay experience and absolutely destroys getting into a flow state, especially on the quick bronze level tasks. And the process takes about 12 to 15 seconds per task completed, for a total of about 40 minutes over the course the campaign, again, just on menu steps that serve no gameplay purpose with a very weak/redundant reward reinforcement and monetization advertisement that is far from invisible and actively annoying people, the kind of grating annoyance that builds up over time and reduces gameplay experience. Thats 40 minutes purely in menu transitions and unskippable animations that are absolutely unnecessary for this system to do everything it does now. Its essentially a 40 minute ad for the system we are already using in the game we are already playing, shown to everyone, including those that bought the product being monetized.

If removing the star flourish for reward reinforcement is a dealbreaker, put it on the end slate of whatever battle you completed it in, or immediately if it was done via some other task, and for gods sakes, make it skippable by clicking. If needing to click past the screen that has the buy elite pass 160 times over the course of campaign is the deal breaker… well… I’m not really sure what to say, except I would think that most of this decision was made due to rewards, and clicking through to rewards would still be a thing.

tl;dr: Stars should autocollect and reveal the next task in line. We would still visit the artifact screen for reward collecting and possibly reading lore. We shouldn’t need to visit this menu hundreds of times to watch unskippable animations as part of the normal flow if we want to participate in the campaign.


That was hilariously ironic

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With respect mithran. U just go on and on And on.

I’d much rather read a long post that’s thoughtful and on-topic than a short one that is neither.

I also agree that I would like to see UI elements streamlined, especially in Campaigns and Explores. All that wasted click time adds up, and if the devs are concerned with the resources I can generate with that time, then the solution seems simple: when you implement payouts, make them small enough.

Seriously. Wasting players’ time because they can generate resources more efficiently than you want is straight-up obnoxious, especially when you are responsible for setting the per-battle rate in the first place.


I want all tasks of one week to be open / achieveable all the time, I want to fulfill them simultaniously.

4 fights with banner of kittens.
4 fights with a kitten team.
4 fights with a kitten hero.
4 fights with a kitten weapon.

This could be 4 fights, not 4+4+4+4. Also no need to auto-collect stars this way.

Right now campaign is just a loooooot of boring fights with subpar teams against subpar opponents.

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I don’t know. I punked out after week 3 bc i just didn’t want to hunt down this and that, make teams of this and that. It felt like a chore chart that eats more rewards than it gives. Then finding out it takes 8 orbs for that mythic at the end?!?! Hahahha glad i was lazy af bc i’da been pi$$ed.

For campaign 2? I dunno, but letting us put grey king on our defenses and actually letting it count would be a game changer for me.

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They should have had campaigns like this:

3 campaign groups per rotation @ 8 weeks per campaign. Total 24 weeks, each contains 1 “part” to craft the underpowered, overpriced Mythic. Reduce the cost to 4 power orbs + the parts and whatever arbitrary soul amount 505 dictates.

You know make the campaign an actual campaign for something. As it is now its just a glorified feature that they actually removed from the game because it wasn’t “fun.”

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Hopes for campaign 2 are to ditch campaign 2


I feel sorry for the guild that has to put up with your ridiculousness. Just quit the game already, it’s not that hard to do.


rather than reducing the paid reward, i think devs should increase the free reward, so that free players who play doesnt actually have less resources after they played the missions/tasks.

that being said, I hope campaign 2 will still have stats bonus so i can keep on trying to clear delve 500 pure faction

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