So who gets the reward?

[Screenshot removed by Lyya; 1st and 2nd place on the Bounty leaderboard were tied, as were 3rd and 4th]
This is funny. And if any one is interested for the next event. Lets team up :grin:

I just posted the same thing on Xbox. They need to fix this.

They both get it. Same with the 2 3rds.

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if Olimpic games can give two gold medals in case of ex-aequo, I don’t see anything wrong in this happening here too

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We should think about this guys. If we want the power orb. We should colab in the event’s. That way. we dont waist so many gems. And we all get one. Its a win win for us guys. Think about it. And lets us use this post Too make deals.lets pick a date. Who wants inn​:grin::ok_hand::sunglasses:

If everyone in the game goes for a same score, then everyone is a winner :smiley:
Do it boys and girls! Break the economy :smiley:
Zuul Goth for everybody in no time!


Well if they are gunna make that crappy zully this hard too get. I see why not :grin:
Ps i dont need him. For collection purposes only

I think our guild record is a 5 way tie for first…

If all the Gow community only play one battle, in each event, we all will be able to get Zuul in 8 events (more or less 2 weeks).

So dear devs, just give us all Zuul :joy:

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Someone will be trolling…

Frostmage on Thursday guys. Who wants inn?:grin:
Lets just test it out. And see how it works. Its our little event.