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The leaderboard. What can we do to changes it.
Because it aint working. no metter how many gems you throw at it. there is a guld that dominates the leaderboard bord. Im not saying the name. But many of you know by now who that is.
This is important guys. So we can all have a chance too get the power orb. Any ideas on how to change the leaderboard system.please share you’re thouts. Cos i dont know how too.
Any way thanks.

Ps im not breaking any rules on this post.
So dont take it down. Freedom of speech

Weekly events, except for GWs, are designed to be pay-to-win.

So the leaderboards are working exactly as expected by design.

introduce a orb gnome 1in 1000 chance to show up in battle 1%chance to drop power orb xD


GW Leaderboard = Shows which guild has the best and strongest players.
Trophy Leaderboard = Shows which guild is willing to grind the most.
All other Leaderboards = Shows who is willing to throw the most gems away (Pay to Win)


Im ok with pay to win i understand it. If thats the only choice. But then make it so that if you throw 4000 5000 gems. You get one guaranteed. Since its pay to win. Like how many gems some one have thrown. So instead of points. we se gems on leaderboard. Since its pay to win And if some one wants too go real crazy one it 10 to 12000 gems gets an for extra power orbs. The devs are happy and we all are happy. How about that?

Would you pay 40.000 Gems to get (or buy) Zuul?
I highly doubt anyone would use their power orbs for anything else then crafting this one troop. Which leads to the one who got it, will probably not compete in the leaderboards anymore.
So that’s only 30x8 leaderboard 1st positions ± a few ties and others who actually made it past them.

Also is there still the way of waiting and crafting POs from major orbs.

There are many ppl willing too trow 4 5000 gems for a power orb. Instead only 3 ppl trows 7 8000 gems if not more. Do the math dam it. Thats what i call gem sink. And not from only 3 or 4 ppl. But 100s of ppl.

The devs dosent give a F about. Who get too Number 1 on leaderboard. Its about gem sinking. And I think i just gave them a solution too the problem. Just give us a extra choices. Now we only have one. Like i said. Im totally ok with 4 or 5000 for a extra power orb. At lest we have a chance to get one.

I’m pretty sure, that they very well know what they’re doing.
These events are, like said above, designed to earn them money.
If your wallet is big enough, then open it willingly to spend gems. If not, then don’t compete for leaderboard positions.

The only way for any F2P game to survive is their players paying here and there, or flood the game with commercials.
Choose your poison wisely.


There are about 640 troops in the game. None of them can be obtained only via money.
Literally every troop in the game can be obtained for free.
Winning a leaderboard is only a way to get 1/640 faster.

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Maze. A simple question? Need. A simpler answer. Lets say its you game.
Do you gain more money if only 3 ppl constantly throws 8 or lets say 10000 gems on every pay to win event. Or 100s if not 200s ppl throw 4 5000 gems on every pay too win event?

That’s not a leaderboard anymore; that’s just a store. The leaderboard is specifically to show off who spent the most. What you’re asking is basically for the rewards to just be a tier in a shop instead.

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I just say it for what it is. No more no less.

The answer is quite obvious, tho this won’t be happening. It’s the same as asking them to make diamonds be purchasable with gems - essentially buying any specific mythic or legendary you need.

Pay to win is a term often used within these kind of topics. You don’t win if you buy Zuul, neither do you win if you buy any other card.

But how much fun would it be?
I don’t know the equivalent of 5k gems in $ or €, though 8x of that within eight events and you are proud owner of a card that is solely made for bragging rights.

And then you are the first to brag about how much less money you spent than the others who already own Zuul.

I would love to be able to get more of them orbs to get zuul but this is just how it is: spend the money to get there or not be first. I knew this going in when I first started the game so I have absolutely no problem with this. Hey, developers gotta eat, too.

I have spent money on this game and I have no regrets because I am having fun with the game AND the community (you guys) is probably the most helpful community I have ever participated in. Hell, the community is so awesome you guys actually root for me and encourage me when I post I want to achieve a specific goal. I’d rather spend money and play a game that I have a lot of fun with and get to interact with awesome people than play a free game and be bored out of my mind.

Bottomline: this game was created to make money. If you want them orbs either grind it out or cough up the cheddar. NOTHING wrong with choosing either way.

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Mazy im trying not too see it from the players point of view. But from the devs. And if they make diamonds for purchasing with gem. Thats just more money for them. Cos the player’s gonna buy more gems to get more diamonds. Heheh thats a dream come true for the devs M8. Just Think about it… they are not the players. We are.

I have everything in the game. All maxed out. I just dont have that crappy zully that aint worth shajt. But a extra kingdom magic thats all.

Dont be surprised if they implement this in the future. Becaus there’s a lot of money too be made. Just put yourself on their shoes. Then you understand what im tying too say. For us its a win. But For the devs its more then a win. This is the balance the game is missing.

Any way thanks for you feedback Mazy :sunglasses:

Once @TheIdleOne got his Zuul, other people got a power orb chance lol

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You probably won’t want to hear this but I won the 8 power orbs to craft my zuul in events (PC/Mobile) and none of them cost as much as you’re suggesting, I’ve never bought gems for real money (I’m just VIP2).

Choose the events you’re going for wisely (the easier it is, like this week, the more competition there’ll be), be there at reset and make sure to get a commanding lead as early as possible, and you’ll get your power orbs…


ZG makes me mad because it makes me feel stupid.

It is objectively a bad troop. There is no reason for me to go out of my way to get it. Even the orbs of growth, which I’m swimming in, would be better put to use on leveling troops.

But I want it really badly and play extra rounds in events that aren’t fun if they have any chance of an orb of chaos.

If it wasn’t for ZG I wouldn’t even care about leaderboards. It’s not that I’m trying harder to place, I know I can’t play hard enough. So ZG just kind of rubs that in instead of letting me ignore a part of the game I can’t participate in.


No i dont wanna hear this damn you :slight_smile: just kidding.

Well consider you’re self lucky then. Because i just can’t go past the Name wich we do not speak of.
They are terminators of the Leaderboards. The gate keepers. Lol

Thanks for the guid thou. ive tried some of them. But aint working.