Show both player and guild leaderboards for World Event

This week the World Event leaderboard showed guild data on Monday and was quickly reverted to show the usual player leaderboard.

The reactions to this show that there are people with strong preferences for each of these leaderboards.

My request is that you show both leaderboards. Replace the “Leaderboard” tab with “Player Leaderboard” and “Guild Leaderboard” tabs.

It seems that you are already collecting the data for both, so the development effort for displaying the tabs should be small.

You’d need to figure out the rewards for guilds, you probably don’t want to give a power orb and 700 gems to everybody in a guild. Maybe also do something like showing a shiny trophy beside the winning guild name for the next week (and another trophy for the GW winners).

I expect that this change would increase the number of players spending gems in the World Event, so is worth the modest dev effort.


That, or just mix it up a little and have some events be individual and others be Guild… This was talked about in the patch notes when World Events we’re introduced… Sigh


Heck no that would be tooo confusing.

Yet another thing they were able to fix in hours, while the revamped Dungeon which is incredibly insulting to the entire playerbase might get some treatment “next year”.

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Probably has the spawn rate of a CG