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Individual GW Leader Board?

Ok so you’ve just had your best weeks score on guild wars, but how does that rank against other players in the world? You can see how your points compare to other guild mates, but I’d like to be able to compare this with people in other guilds. Just for fun, but would be great to say you had the best individual score on GW in a week. Anybody can hit 1st in the PVP leader boards if they physically have the time, but to be 1st in an individual GW leader board would be very satisfying!


Great idea, the only issue is the top 3, for instance, would be so close that it may not really mean much. But it would be no harm to see.

I just thought of a downside…you think guild recruit spam is bad when you’re in the top 100 pvp ranks? Wait until you make this list.

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I was thinking that too, anybody with good scores would be approached by top guilds

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