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Add information / stats to Hero "tab"

Requesting a bit more information regarding player history that could be added to the “Hero” tab (or elsewhere).

Some requested information my guild and I would love to see added as we are getting older and memory is the first to go as you may or may not remember :wink: :

Top Single day score in GW
Top Weekly Score in GW
Shortest Ranked PvP match (moves or time)
Longest Ranked PvP match (moves or time)

I’m sure there are plenty more others can add to the thread that they’d like to see as well



Or something like total gold collected :’)


Highest tribute as well?
Most kingdoms / glory etc


To cut down on guild hoppers, how about a list of the guilds a person has been in within the last 2 weeks?


@Calv1n With the ability to name change now. I would love if they added what that players initial name was. And that their ‘name’ is more of a nickname over an actual name change.

Ohhh loved that idea @WyomingPixel A guild history showing the last 4 guilds (if they joined more than that it just wouldn’t show the rest) a player has belonged to with start and end dates. This would also help Guild Leaders decide how dedicated a player is to a guild that they join. So they can decide to try them out.


I like the way you worded it better than my own. Thank you for the tag and mention.

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@WyomingPixel Its a wonderful idea and I liked it a lot I’d give you more hearts if I could. This would be a wonderful addition to what players see.

All good ideas I really like games like Shadow of War and Warframe that track darn near everything you ever do in those games and it would be nice to have just a little bit of that for some of the more interesting “trackable” data in this game :slight_smile:

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