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Hero Stats Page

I think it would be awesome if there was some kind of stats page, it would be located in the profile/hero area on the top left corner of the map. (The same place you see your inventory and armor bonuses) There would be a new tab in this section past ‘bonuses’ and it would say something along the lines of ‘stats’ or ‘overview’. There would be sections in the stats page to make it easier to navigate and it would look something along the lines of this:

Total battles played:
Total battles won:
Total battles lost:

Total gold earned:
Total gold spent:
Total gold spent on underworld hoard:
Total gold spent on all guilds:

Total damage dealt:
Total damage received:
Total arena damage:
Total PvP damege:

Total honors received:
Total Helpful received:
Hi5s revived:
That Was Fun relieved:
Total honors sent:
Total helpful sent:
Hi5s sent:
That was fun received:

Total gold donated throughout every guild:
Total trophies earned throughout every guild:
Total seals earned throughout every guild:
Total Tasks completed in current guild:

Total kingdom power levels:
Total kingdoms levels:
Explore battles:

Total PvP points:
Total class wins levels:
Total words typed in global chat:
Total words typed in guild chat:
(this one is only if you’re the leader of a guild) Total players who have ever been in your guild:
Total hours played:

I think some kind of stats page would be awesome because although the information isn’t really important to know, it would be interesting to know. This would also show any past information if possible, because I would really like to see how much gold I’ve spent and how many hours I have throughout my entire time playing, not make it just start when the stats page get introduced.
Please consider adding something like this :slight_smile:


I’d like to see some kind of stats page as well. One thing I wish we could change on our current page is “favored troop” it would be nice to have that as a manual selection.


I absolutely agree, I didn’t think about that until just now lol

Good idea. I would also like to see…
For each character with a percentage chance of doing something, the actual percentage of time it was done. (I swear my opponents’ Beetrix are near 80% with the extra turn while mine is near 10%.)

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that is both the funniest and best idea I’ve heard today XD

But yeah, that would be kind of cool to see!

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From what I recall, it’s the troop you have used most in your battles.

Mine is Emperor Khorvash, because for a long time after I started, the only team I used was:

Emperor Korvash
The Dragon Soul
Spirit Fox

Then I started using other troops, but EK was still mostly there at the top, hence why, even now, he’s still my Favoured troop.

Yeah, it is the troop that you’ve cast the most :confused: