So... This is what i think

I think that switch is…

underpowered as it only just got egg thief not that its hurtful i just hope it can come to all the troops other consoles have then can also sync with any console :slight_smile:

Keep playing. Eventually you will have all the troops that consoles have now. And I doubt it will ever cross platforms so you good. No need to worry about not having all the troops that other consoles have.

I play on PS4. In the beginning we was a step or two behind CPU. But it all worked out. Just play your game and have fun. Don’t be another whiner. We have lots of those here already.

This could be more nice! :smiley:


@Cyrup I can agree with that. And that’s why I rarely post anything here.

I did however answer the question. And I’m probably right.

As a Switch Player I don’t want all the missing troops to be pushed out at once.
If you have them all in the big pool of cards you have less chance to get them selective by Event Keys, so…