GoWDB: Nintendo Switch support

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Hello everyone,

I’ve (finally) added Nintendo Switch support to GoWDB.com for those of you wishing to link your account. Apologies for the delay; other projects have monopolized my time lately, but I haven’t forgotten about you all! Get started here:


Please note that as I do not have a Switch account, it’s not possible for me to test linking myself, so you’ll have to test this for me. As always, please contact me at @Lyya on the forums or via ashenbloom@gmail.com with feedback.



Note that I do not have filtering in place for Switch, despite the disclaimer on my site that contents are filtered to that console. That will take more effort to get done, so for the moment, you’ll see stuff in your collection as uncollected when it’s simply not yet present on that platform. I’ll try to get a filter in place but no promises, as last time (when Console and PC were out of sync) this filter required manual curation and I simply don’t have the time to do that anymore.

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Hi @Lyya,

Cannot say anything about Switch but looks like this update broke something and GW reward troops (Aurai, Myzmer, Ogryn, Penguin, Peryton and Troglodyte) disappeared from the site for all users.

Thanks for the report. I don’t think that was from this update (I didn’t touch the DB contents) but I can add those troops back manually. Sorry for the break.

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Okay, those should be back now; sorry about that.

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Any plans on what to do with this new pet mess. The breakdown is as follows:

  • Exclusive to Pet Rescues (every player can get them)
  • Exclusive to Honor System (only Revered players can get it)
  • Exclusive to Factions (only available by reaching 2k+ Renown on specific Factions)
  • Exclusive Cosmetic pets (can be awarded in mail, or during a 24 your rescue once a year, if they are annual)
  • Exclusive Platform pets (can only be acquired with real money and only available if you have your account on that specific device.)

So at the time of this post there’s currently 74 (on PC/Mobile) pets that are available to acquire technically.
The actual amount of pets the game will show is 71. Doesn’t show the platform Exclusive pets nor the Revered Kitty.

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