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Egg Thief not for Switch?

Just a short question:
Is Egg Thief currently available on Switch version of the game?

Or more universally: Does available Troops are different between the different versions?

Background: I really cracked a whole lot of chests already, have most Ultra Rares ascended to Epic, some to Legendary but still got not one Egg Thief.
Now I’m thinking if I just have bad luck or if technical differences are the reason…

Contents on switch are ~10 months behind other platforms

Egg thief was released in november last year. You can expect to get her in ~3 months

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OK - thanx.
Didn’t know that this is affecting cards (content), too - not just functions, QOL,…

Sort of. Maybe. They’ve already skipped at least one troop.

What troops did they skip? I know they skipped 1 mythic but that didnt affect regular event schedule

I don’t remember because Switch isn’t a real boy, but I swear Suna’s not the only thing that hasn’t released on schedule.