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So I fought myself in Arena, NBD

Also, not a joke. If you look at the opponent’s hero card, it has your name and class. Arena steals your identity. Just checked on both PS4 and XB1; both consoles have this bug.


For the record, I did win that match. I won’t even go easy on myself :stuck_out_tongue:


This is a major reason I haven’t touched Arena since the Update


The way I see it, you got defeated!

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Talia! boop

Pony! boop

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Fighting myself now

ruffles your hair

I’ve managed to still win in Arena. I even used War and Peace for the heck of it. Irks me that I can not tell who that enemy is and what rank they really are. It tells me their real name after the battle ends but not much else. But you can tell how much they ascended their troops at the beginning of the match!

Oh yeah, ascensions work too. I was gonna make a topic for that but forgot about it.

Ascensions should not be working in Arena. o_O
@Mr.Strange, @Nex, you guys aware of this bug yet?

You punched yourself in the maw, good job.

Yes - all that is fixed for next patch.

Okay then… if you don’t mind me asking, WHEN is this coming patch? Also, will it fix the arena bug where the opponent assumes your name, class and weapon when you look at the hero card?

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Yes, the “hero mirroring” bug is fixed.

Unfortunately, we don’t announce patch dates in advance. Sorry.

That from a media perspective could be bad, as it would generate no hype for future updates. If you told us of the next future plan, such as what the next patch might be (even though we can guess but can not confirm) it might drum up some hype for the game on xbox/ps4.