Chimera freezes my Arena matches

For the 3rd time in the past couple days, I have used Chimera for my Arena team. After using Chimera’s power a few times, it always freezes the game, and the entire game restarts. The big problem is that it counts as a loss. Twice now, I’ve lost Arena (last game this happened twice in a row) because of this. Can we get this fixed?!

I’ll assume this is a Xbox / PS4 issue : Chimera now burns troops, and many burning troops are reportedly crashing games for consoles.

I’ll also move this to Support (Xbox1 / PS4).

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Seen it happen and reported it to the 505 team. I’ve made it a point to eliminate those burning cards on the enemy side. During the selection process, I won’t select those cards as allies. I suggest you do the same until this bug is patched.

Its a bummer when the game crashes and counts as a loss. This has happened in PvP as well.

Chimera AND Salamander crashes the game ! Loading time on screen title is rediculus …
Switching team during the game lags the game for 2-3 minutes.
Devs get your act together coz this unacceptable . I sink well ove rprice of AAA game money in this little game and preformance of it is laughable. Do something

This is not the devs fault. Blame x-box,ps4 for not being able to handle even todays latest AAA games.

this reply is a joke lol

Yeah, we’re aware of that problem. It’s an issue with Burning, as was mentioned above (hence why it also affects Salamander).

If it helps, we do have an update coming soon that should fix the problem.

if you can play a AAA game at 60 on a pc but not on a console then the console is inferior. (pc master race) Joking aside I would not blame the devs for things they did not see coming. Not like this is the last batman game or anything.