Constant crashing during skull matches since update

Is this just me? I’ve been kicked to the PS4 dash anywhere between 15-20 times in the last week after matching skulls to attack. It happens literally every other match.

I know the game has been buggy since launch but at least it was playable. I can’t even play more than 5 minutes anymore without the game crashing. It’s quite literally unplayable for me at this point.

The update seems to have completely tanked the game for me. =/

I play on Ps4 and have not had this issue so i’m not aware on what you are talking about. What troops are you using? you’re probably using a bugged troop that the devs should know about. The only bug that i know that causes crashes attacking with the eternal flame and it happens randomly

It’s happened with numerous troops and teams for me, from Gloomleaf to my main character to druids. If I get a skull match to attack, the card slams the opponent as usual but as soon as it connects, the game just crashes.

Huh… I’ve never had that happen. I think it’s your PS4 that’s tanking, not the game.

Delete the game and try downloading it again. You might have had a buggy install process> it’s the only suggestion i can give since nobody else has reported this and it’s only happening for you

Were you fighting a team with the Summoner on the other side? I’ve seen that kind of crash when I kill a Summoner with the third trait consistently.

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That could be it. I wasn’t really paying attention to the enemies, just my troops so that’s definitely a possibility. I’ll make sure to take note next time.

@PowerPlay It’s not my PS4. Nothing crashes but GoW and it crashes consistently.