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Gentle reminder from GoW that you should stop playing for the day

When an Emperina with 13 Attack matches 3 Skulls and does 26 damage…

LOL. Your version of the game seems a lot more interesting than mine. I don’t get any of the AI cheating or buffed damage that you report. It would be nice to have a challenge every once and a while. :wink:

Dwarven target perchance?


Is your tv screen undamaged? 'cause my rage-quitting would be that bad.

Defo something about this game that pushes my buttons more than others when I lose with a bad luck streak!

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Nope, it was an Undead Troop, Keeper of Souls.

Probably something you didn’t notice but will never admit.

Odds are their “3 skull” was a cascade, and a simultaneous 3-skull you didn’t see fell from the heavens which will present as double damage.

That, or you’re such a unique snowflake that you experienced a bug for the first time that would have reared its head long ago in the most basic QA testing or millions of other player’s games.

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I’m lucky enough to be on the PS4 and can immediately look at the replay of any game I have played. I wouldn’t post anything I couldn’t confirm myself. I’ll easily admit that 9/10 I have a “WTF?” moment, I look at the replay and I missed something.