Gentle reminder from GoW that you should stop playing for the day


When an Emperina with 13 Attack matches 3 Skulls and does 26 damage…


LOL. Your version of the game seems a lot more interesting than mine. I don’t get any of the AI cheating or buffed damage that you report. It would be nice to have a challenge every once and a while. :wink:


Dwarven target perchance?


Is your tv screen undamaged? 'cause my rage-quitting would be that bad.


Defo something about this game that pushes my buttons more than others when I lose with a bad luck streak!


Nope, it was an Undead Troop, Keeper of Souls.


Probably something you didn’t notice but will never admit.

Odds are their “3 skull” was a cascade, and a simultaneous 3-skull you didn’t see fell from the heavens which will present as double damage.

That, or you’re such a unique snowflake that you experienced a bug for the first time that would have reared its head long ago in the most basic QA testing or millions of other player’s games.


I’m lucky enough to be on the PS4 and can immediately look at the replay of any game I have played. I wouldn’t post anything I couldn’t confirm myself. I’ll easily admit that 9/10 I have a “WTF?” moment, I look at the replay and I missed something.