Cheating ai confirmed


I made a full board of skulls with keeper of souls and none of my troops attacked even though there was multiple match 4-5. The ai took its turn and wiped out two of my troops. The match was against Viasassy. I won but i do want others to know that this might happen to them. Also i know there was multiple match 4s that should have been a huge attack as the ai switched 2 skulls with each other.

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I’ve not seen that one, but I can believe it.

Do you play with Chat on? I ask, because I think sometimes the lag from chat has an impact on making some of the rarer lag related bugs show up more often.


You cast your Keeper of Souls, and the AI killed two of your troops with skulls you created. From a Keeper of Souls? Lmao!


Chat was off. Allso it happened with only raven being the last troop on the defence team.


Yes the extra turns i created from keeper of souls did not net me an extra turn even though none of my troops were frozen. Also the ai switched two skulls with each other netting an attack.


Was your top troop frozen? The skull extra turns will then be negated.


None of my troops were frozen.


Come on, there has to be some negligence on your part.


Actually none. If a troop was frozen then why did none of the matched skulls go away regardless of the extra turn? Matching skulls by switching the place of two skulls to get an attack should be impossible as that means that those skulls should have thrown an attack even before the switch was made with them. My troops were also not entangled as the attack would still have gone through on 4/5 gem matches. Troop that got frozen even though once was my giant spider in 3rd position and the attacker was valkyrie in second position and by the time i cast keeper in 4th position the frozen wore off of giant spider as well as the troop that could freeze was already dead by this time.


Are you saying you cast KoS, created one or more Skull-Skull-Skull-Skull rows, and then it became the AI’s turn with Skull-Skull-Skull-Skull still present? Did they perform a gem-swap or did the 4-Skull rows just poof like the AI had cast the spell instead?


I made a match of multiple 4x skull lines and it then became the enemies turn. also this was the match-up

I thought i remembered someone saying that raven had a bug with bone-dragon about this same issue but i could not find it.


what? no tyri? there’s your problem!


She isn’t fully traited yet damn it! Also i was testing a team comp of felicity’s by replacing bone dragon with KoS.


In all seriousness though from the info above and how the bug happened i think the devs can reproduce this problem with most certainty.


This is probably similar to how the AI sometimes takes an extra turn on a match 3. I think, in very rare cases, the board believe some gems to be different from what is displayed to the player.


That’s a good point.


I’m sorry to disagree with you that it can be easily recreated. There are a few odd bugs with match 3s giving and extra turn, and match 4s not giving an extra turn. I’ve seen them, but they are so rare as I am unable to figure out how I might be able to recreate them.

At first, I thought it was just me missing something on the move, but I’ve seen it too many times, yet none of them predicable enough for me to report or provide recreation steps.


That is fair, i thought it would be easy as i remember a bug about bone dragon doing the same thing to raven with the whole multi-skull bug thing. I figured it could be tested in ai vs ai games with those two comps to see if it happened again at some point.


Well, if we only had the option to replay turns:smirk:


Exactly this.

I’ve made a 4-5 match and not received the extra turn twice out of all my game play. It isn’t something I can reproduce. The only thing I noticed in both incidents was that the board lagged terribly when it occurred.