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I seem to be stuck in bonestorm!

Since a match yesterday that I ended during a bonestorm I seem to be getting a ridiculous amount of skulls dropping. I play on 2 different Xboxes and on both it is this way. Anyone else having this happen? It definitely makes for quicker matches, win or lose!!

Since weekly reset I’ve noticed Skulls dropping much more frequently on PC/mobile as well.
If this thread gets enough traction. A dev will chime in that nothing has been changed to the RNG. Just have to ride through it I’m afraid.

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This issue is making the game no fun. Would love for a dev to step in and take a look. This isn’t a few extra skulls, this is nonstop bonestorm. Was hoping after daily reset today it would go away, but it didn’t. I will likely quit if this isn’t fixed by weekly reset.

I can see your ticket, just a side note that yes, we have not changed the RNG or AI.

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What team are you using?

Ok, again seemed to start after ending match during a bonestorm. Hopefully they will be able to fix it. No symbol at the bottom of screen showing I am in a storm, just a ridiculous amount of skulls.

Please provide that information into the ticket of yours I’ve responded to (along with my other questions) :slight_smile:

Doesn’t matter. Farming souls, playing pvp, playing pet rescue, playing boss using all different teams. Truly bizarre.

Done, other than video. :wink:

I had that issue today as well, starting with a pet rescue in which a bonestorm wasn’t even used. But the thing is: It happened to me before as well. If support can’t help you, lemme tell you that it’ll fix itself automatically once event skulls are no longer a thing. You can try fixing it manually by turning event skulls off, though it’s not a guaranteed fix. But yeah, this bug has occured to me before - twice actually - and it was always during event skull time. Once the skulls were normal again, the wannabe-bonestorm disappeared along with them.

It’s a bug I love and hate at the same time - it sure made all the Stryx pet rescues super-easy, though. I usually struggle with the last battle and the two Heronaths in there, but the bug led to me winning that battle twice now without any issues at all.:grinning: As I don’t do PVP/Raid/anything but explore and pet rescue, I’m not really bothered by it anyway, though - but I understand that you are.

Others noticed it during Cinco De Mayo as well, though it was also thought to be a mistake because of the Doomskulls being added at the same time. Here’s a link. I can assure you: The Doomskull issue persisted, the endless Bonestorm thing ended for me when the Cinco De Mayo skull disappeared again.

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I mentioned to Pinoking in their ticket that we’ll need to see some screenshots so we can work out what’s going. Thanks for the additional information Sheba :slight_smile:

Thanks Sheba. Will try turning them off and see what happens.

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I just turned off special skulls and played through the pet event and all seems normal now. Thanks much @Sheba.

@Cyrup thanks for your input as well, I will close out my ticket.

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Glad that I could help! :slight_smile:

It’s still an issue, though, that event skulls create perma-bonestones. So @Cyrup I made some screenshots for you from today’s pet rescue event, screenshotting matches 3-8 to show the madness and that the perma-bonestorm even overrides other storms. The first two battles were too short to really show the bonestorm effect, that’s why I start with battle 3.

Battle 3:
The upper half is kinda skull-free because there had been a match when the skulls dropped from heaven. Ragnagord had just casted, creating this board (it’s now the enemy turn).

Battle 4:
Taken upon finishing the match. Infernus had killed the last enemy and exploded five gems with his skill, creating this final board.

Battle 5:
Taken while casting Ragnagord. There is a storm in effect since three turns already, but there’s not much more purple and just a TON of new skulls from above.

Battle 6:
Taken after Ragnagord’s first explode, rather in the beginning of the match, so that no one can claim that I’m letting skulls stack up to take funky screenshots :stuck_out_tongue:

Battle 7:
Just more random skulls everywhere. Note that the Doomskull rate is pretty much good and like it should be, but the normal skulls breed like bunnies.:rabbit:

Battle 8:
Last battle. Ragnagord just died to scatter damage. He had exploded the board just before that, creating this layout.


I sent @Cyrup some screen shots via my ticket showing the same stuff happening last night. Hopefully they can come up with a permanent solution. Thanks again for your help.

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In almost every screenshot there is a colored gem in equal or greater amounts. Maybe they have a storm active too?


/ I know, not helpful
// I couldn’t resist

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Would that be more appropriate? :joy:

Thanks for the screenshots :slight_smile:

I’ve had the development team check the code to be sure there’s no issues, and whilst I can’t reveal drop rates, I can say that this doesn’t look like a bonestorm. If there were a continuous bonestorm you would see a lot more Skulls on the board. I get this sounds a bit weird but is it possible you’re perceiving the skulls to be in a greater force because of the Holiday decorations? The art is very obvious on the skulls and more prominent than standard skulls. When placed on it is in stark contrast with the standard board. Additionally, the Holiday skulls are purely cosmetic and shouldn’t have any relation to the game to the standards of drop rates for skulls, so it seems odd that turning of the decoration would stop the issue.

If the RNG is working fine then the luck factor is not.
The Raids are just stupid when every Cascade results in the AI being able to do skull damage.
The same could probably be said in other parts of the game but they go unnoticeable. Since elsewhere I can retain board control and aren’t so dependent on RNG. But in the Raids I’m forced to use weak troops against Over Powered ones that clearly do not need anything giving them luck.
The frustration doesn’t make me want to spend more gems. Just makes me want to stop playing.