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Rage quit bug! /Skeleros/

It happens generally if i put Skeleros into my skull bash teams. The game crashes when i use his Bone crusher ability after Bone dragon’s turn (or Sheggra, Keeper, etc.) I used him just a few times since Wild plains event released cause this bug. Will they fix it?

sorry for low quality pics, i cut it out from report video :S

Didn’t experience that but from what you’re saying, I would expect it to happen when the board is more than half filled with skulls.

The board should then overfill and since the game doesn’t know where to place extra skulls, it crashes.

I’d also expet the same thing to happen with the Sea Troll…

I was very tired when i made this topic (played gems 10+hours) and forget to explain what was my problem. So if i create skulls with Bone dragon/Sheggra/KoS and there are still more than 15 skulls in the next turn, after i use Skeleros spell to double the skulls on the board, the game cant calculate it and crashes. I counted several times the skulls before i used Skeleros and its only crashed when there were 15+ skulls, what means 30+ in the next turn. If less than 15, it works fine. I use attack buffed troops, like Abhorath, Maw, Anointed one, Venoxia, etc. in my skull bash teams, but i tried it 10 minutes before with a basic 19attack troop, made 30+ skulls with Skeleros and the game didnt crash. So its weird now, i confused, it can relate with attack buff? Anybody knows they’ll fix it? I’d like to use Skeleros, he’s op with several decks.

Skeleros does look great. He would fit nicely into one of my teams if he was green/blue