Console Patch 1.096 Known Issues

Hi Guys!

With the latest patch coming out on consoles, we want you guys to have a thread to report any issues you are seeing to us. I will try to keep the main list on this first post when possible.

Last Updated at 11:33AM AEST

  • Inconsistent battle result message appearing after battle
  • Rare case where gems don’t appear on the board when fighting certain players
  • When picking troops in Arena, the troop skill points match your version of the troop and not the troop scaled for arena
  • Gem selection hightlight may disappear
  • When unlocking a new weapon, it takes you to the Troop team menu
    Extra Turn not being awarded correctly when matching 4+ Gems.
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When playing the last few days, I’ve noticed that sometimes when I match 4 gems, I don’t get an extra turn. The enemy just goes. It’s pretty frustrating tbh. Next time it happens i’ll try and get some footage. Sounds like a great update though. Thank you all for the hard work!

(From Sirrian: Sorry to edit this… Just keep this thread free of memes, please, as our support guys use this to work from, and need clear access without giant pics!)

^^ np Sirrian, ty.

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The x4 Mana from a 5-match still exists.

I used Mercy, got a 5-match and a 3-match and filled The Great Maw from 0.

Hero weapon bad translation, suppose to be in french (xbox 1)

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Leaderboard over 100k points weird display

edit: also it’s saying both are #1 but they now got over 1000 trophies lead


banner description still missing

Still getting excessive rewards across the board in PvP (and probably Arena) on Warlord IV.
Please don’t shoot the messenger.

There’s no Difficulty in PvP :smiley:

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Just thought of another bug I have witnessed several times. When I enter into pvp and pick invade, the first thing that pops up is the Warlord IV symbol in the background. Underneath all the other details. It’s just pops up real quick then goes away. Milliseconds fast. Should also note that I play arena on that setting sometimes, then switch to pvp.

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Can’t find pvp opponent right after guild task donation

Red chests in treasure map still reward gold also vault reward souls

Nice, good catch! I just noticed that bug myself and was going to post. Looks like only the artwork for Treasure Hunt was updated not the game code for the rewards.

Silenced Troops can still cast Spells

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Did you guys have to actually install/download anything for this update? I’ve been playing for several hours, have exited out of the game a number of times, but yet still have the old artwork for Treasure Hunt (six pictures for Vault, etc). Just wondering if I have to do anything to trigger the update…

I’m on XB1 and as soon as I tried to start the game it told me it needed to update.

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Interesting. Thanks, I’ll see if I can find out what the issue is.

I had a 1GB download to do on PS4 when I got home tonight.

I just ascended 2 troops; when I had the troop order sorted to Upgradeable it changed to another sorting order both times. This was on the Xbox One but it’s probably happening on the PS4 as well; I’ll check on that one later.

Also, was Arena difficulty supposed to work?

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The Daily Reward is still displaying “Knight’s Sword” upon collection in the mail system.

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