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CONSOLE: From the Depths

I haven’t been using many Maps the last few months. Still waiting for the Developers to patch the rewards in Treasure Hunt. I’ve got 190 in inventory.

I’ve got 981 maps. You could say I’m anti-map.


Its already fixed bro

I’ve got 7000 glory saved up at the moment, 980 gems and about 1100 glory keys. I personally don’t mind if the update still takes two weeks. More time to save up! Maybe if I make an extra effort I could get to 10k glory by then… And my guild members and I will probably be able to accumulate more or less 1000 more glory keys in two weeks time.

Not as impressive an amount as what top guilds earn, I know, but we’ve managed to reach the top 50 today or yesterday so I’m pretty proud of the guild I’m in nevertheless : )


I’ve been saving up and was planning to dump most of my gems and keys when the next kingdom is released, but I’m thinking now that I will hang on until we are caught up. It makes more sense to hold off and then cash in when everything is available, though I’m not sure how I will handle targeting specific legendaries as they come available. I already saved enough Arcanes to trait Queen Mab, so maybe I will do whatever it takes to get at least one copy of her and then hold onto the rest until the last kingdom is released. I’d like to get Bunni’Nog, too, but there may not be a specific kingdom event for him and it sounds like he won’t be available for glory. There are so many things to think about…

BTW, my wife is in your guild and your progress up the ladder has been impressive. They were #107 or so when she joined just a few weeks ago! The guild she left has been #46 or #47 for that entire time and you’ll probably pass them in another week or two.

I don’t want to remind you with your very own post, but If you insist:

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Exactly bro it is fixed now i played plenty map and rewards are ok now

That’s a lot for being in a casual guild, nice.

Rumour has it that it is best to have 2 Mabs!

I just burned 130 event keys getting Psion :sob:

When did they do this, and why didn’t anyone tell us?

Good to know - I haven’t really looked into Mab teams yet. I’m not sure how much of my hoard I want to burn to try to get a 2nd Mab, especially with Khorvash likely coming within a week or two after.

Sorry about your event keys, that seems like rotten luck. Kerberos and Hydra are my last missing legendaries.

Even after you “catch up” new troops will still be coming out 2-3 a week for… ever.

It’s not as if a huge number of troops are releasing the next few months, and then fewer in the future. It’s just more & more unending!

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30 in stock then bought another 100. Unlocked Infernal King by chancing my arm with a single event key last time… all balances out in the end

Hydra, webspinner and abharoth for me

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Abhorath took me 8 months to get.

Act accordingly.

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Approximately double the (PC) norm for the rest of the year I believe. Having them all available in chests before I splurge my keys sounds most economical… even if it is less fun.

If War shows up in the 2-3 weeks and I use everything I have, before the catch up gets going, ill be up crap creek

You’re right, that does make more sense… Maybe I’ll do that too. It’s hard though, seeing all those keys and having to stay away from them lol but I need to keep in mind that it will be worth it in the end.

Oh, awesome :smiley: I think it was about #106 too when I joined. It is really amazing how far we’ve come in that time. It’s mostly thanks to our guild leader who contributes by far the most out of everyone, but there are quite some members that contribute plenty too. I always try to earn 100 trophies or more per week myself. My gold contribution isn’t that high yet because I’m still leveling up my kingdoms. Though often more than the minimum of 50k. I can’t wait until I have them all up to level 10 so I can give a lot more to the guild XD

Someone was talking about that in another thread couples week ago and i decided to test and it was true they fixed it

Maybe @Mr.Strange can confirm exactly when, cause we didin’t had any update for that

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I cannot confirm, as I’m no longer an active dev on GoW!

But it was a very simple data fix - wouldn’t require a patch.

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What is the best strategy then?

Soothsayer, Mab, Valk, Mab
Gorgotha, Mab, Valk, Mab

Gorgotha is obviously a LOT safer due to near nullifying skull damage and we all know you can leave skulls for the AI to take while you charge a troop, etc. Soothsayer is useful as well, however, I’d rather use Gorgotha over him due to getting more mileage out of him per fight.

Either way, I’m excited both Khorvash and Mab are coming to the consoles soon and can’t wait to get my hands on them, ha ha!

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