Fixing arena glitch


So, I haven’t seen a topic for this yet, but is there an estimate on when arena will work properly again?


What seems to be the issue?


I finished all 8 rounds of arena, and as a reward I got 150 gold. I thought this problem was common as someone on one of my other posts commented about arena being broken. Maybe just a random glitch?


I had this happen last night on Andriod pc. Finished 8 and got 225 gold lol


In the past the game went to 3-4 month hibernation after every major release and the bug fixing rate is not big either, so don’t hold your breath.


I just completed an arena run with 8 wins and got the expected rewards on X1. Has anyone else seen the problem described above?


@Foresti just the once long ago


Yes, I haven’t experienced it again either