Small but active guild recruiting - noobs & casuals welcome

Small but dedicated guild looking to help you grow, no minimum contribution but no leaches please.
Guild name is YOURMAM
Stats to follow once I get home through the snow.

Freedom of speech. Don’t like don’t join.

It’s not freedom of speech it’s being a jerk.
No i dont like it. And I wouldn’t join because who would want a 12 year old to be his/hers guild leader in the first place?


What’s offensive about the name lol


I sat here wondering the same thing for atleast 3-4 minutes flabbergasted people responded in shock about it… was it editted? Dont tell me people have le trigguerette over “yourmam” i swear this is getting ridiculous lol.


Im just going to sit here feeling amazed with a smile by that you’re actually serious.


Woww!! Just bloody wow!

You’re griping cause a person who is in early teens/pre-teens wants to try putting together a guild? Picking on the person, even, just cause he/she isn’t quite an adult? Ohh, and let’s not forget generalizing thanks to your comment about “how to lead their index fingers to their noses”. Whether those words were meant as a generalization or not, they were very inconsiderately conveyed and seem to be nothing better than a sweeping generalization.

I say all the power to the lad or lass. I’m sure his/her mom is helping the person learn how to do so.

I also commend on the kid taking on this challenge. Doing this may help him/her learn some very valuable skills later in life, like how to lead others, how to work together in a team environment, how to negotiate things and communicate, which is a dayum sight better than the very “interesting” communication I’d seen coming from your end of this whole matter, Don.

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There. Deleted all my comments. You don’t know anything about me, and I’m not someone who wants to insult anyone without a good reason. If you think this should exist that’s great. I was trying to prevent someone bad reaction. But it seems I only caused you to want to insult me, eh? So I deleted.

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I’m sorry Don but you were that bad reaction.
I like you and what you’ve done to help this game. Let’s just call it wierd day. I apologize for coming across mean.
Come on Don first drinks on me!
Eta deleted mine as well.