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In a dead or low active member guild? Then come join us on PS4! - Full PM if you would like to be added to our wait list

I’m sure a lot of you are in guilds that only have a few active players say 5 or less or perhaps many of you are alone in your guilds either as the leader or as a sole playing member.

If you fit into either of those categories please consider joining a newer up and coming casual guild.

A quick snapshot of our guild in last 3 weeks looks like this:

We Moved from Guild Rank 2,373 to Guild Rank 1,161 (now Rank 8,66)
From Challenger (Gold bonus 90%) to Champion II (Gold bonus 110%) (now 120%)
From 4,325 Trophies to over 8,000 (changing by the minute as I type this up) (now 10,778)
We moved from a nearly dead guild with 2 active members to 10+ active players (now at 16+)
Our weekly Seals went from a measly 75 to over 6,500 (again going up as I type this if we don’t do 10k this week I’m sure we will next week). (Now in the 10k + Bracket weekly)

Our Guild statues are a similar story: (now level 38)

Red moved from Lvl 14 to 18
Blue moved from Lvl 13 to 18
Green moved from Lvl 12 to 16
Yellow moved from Lvl 13 to 17
Purple moved from Lvl 11 to 15
Brown moved from Lvl 14 to 19
(now Add +1 to +2 to all values above)

We went from spending less than 100,000 gold on guild tasks 2-3 weeks ago to well over a million this week (on our way to 2 by time the weekly reset happens).

The reason I’m sharing all of this data is I’m hoping the numbers catch your attention and perhaps make you want to join a guild that is gaining terrific momentum daily.

A little bit about us.

  • We are a casual guild despite what the numbers above might reflect there are no requirements beyond the expectation that everyone logs in a few times a week.

  • Most of our members are adults with jobs and families we do more then just play Gems of War many of us play other games together as well

  • We do participate in Guild Wars but members are not penalized in any way if they do not want to play they are 100% optional in our guild.

  • We only remove a member if they do not log in for 3 weeks consecutively and do not have a valid reason. Alternately you can be removed for not following general rules of conduct that are normal / standard anywhere like these forums. We won’t allow our members to be harassed in any form by other members etc…

  • Our Expectation is that new players focus on spending at least 80% of their gold on their Kingdoms before being overly generous with guild tasks.

We are actively looking for people that want a new guild home that want to play with a newer group of casual players that are still passionate about playing the game and working with others to help achieve targets that a solo and small guild never could!

If anything above sounds like you want to hear more and you want to come join us or if you want to bring what remains of your active guild over please contact me for more information and some invitations.

Hope to see you all in game soon.

Guild Leader
TAG The Adult Gamer


Add me on PSN if I see anybody who needs how about send them your way. As I do a lot of the time.
Good luck!:+1:

@Santandrix I’ll add you on PSN and absolutely welcome any help from anyone assisting the rebuilding of our guild with active players :slight_smile:
Thanks again!

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I sent you a message on PSN and never heard back. I was interested in joining your guild and ending my own. Are you still looking for active players?

Starting Tomorrow TAG The Adult Gamer Guild is starting it’s first of several weekly Prizes for playing event!

How it works:

Be a member of our guild (We still have room so PM me for info and an invite)
Members get their name put into the drawing every time they do one of these 3 tasks:

  1. Donate 30,000 Gold to a Guild Task during the week
  2. Earn and Claim 500 Seals during the week
  3. Earn 100 Trophies during the week

Example: A member donates 60,000 Gold, Claims 1,000 Seals and Earns 300 trophies during the week. That member would get their name into the draw 7 times.

The weekly Timer starts tonight right after the weekly reset (around 1:00 AM Mountain Standard Time) and will go until the next reset when it all begins again.

Participation as with all TAG events and just in general is of course Optional (We have no requirements in our guild beyond being active at least every 2 weeks).

The winner will be contacted through PSN and awarded 5.00 cdn, we hope they will put it towards a Gem or Soul 15 Day Subscription that is available in the GoW Shop (but of course it is your so do it with it what you will). Payment will be through PayPal which is easy and free to sign up too, it also links to PSN so it’s easy to purchase anything on Playstation with PayPal. Winners will be announced on our busy community page as well as in game and here on the recruitment page.

If you are interested in playing with a casual guild that has rewards and fun events like this one contact me through PM or reply below.

All the best

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i’d like to join if there’s room. active player looking for a guild

Moxy we have room for a couple more active players - what is your invite code i’ll fire you one off asap so you don’t miss to many more guild task rewards this week (think we are already over 2 million spent so anyone new this week will have missed a lot this week already)


If you still have space, I’d love to join. My invite code is: Orion M42X_GZW5.

Orion I tried sending you an invite it said you were already in another guild. If you want to leave and join us let me know when I can send you an invite (when you don’t belong to another guild) I have 1 space left and you can have it


deleted - not a sound / qualified statement.


If you check the activity on his profile, you can see that he posted the exact same message into two different recruiting threads. Like it or not, this is pretty common practice for people that come to the forums just to find a guild. Try not to get discouraged! I saw one a couple days ago that did the same thing with about 5 or 6 guilds, so this was pretty mild in comparison.

Didn’t think about it like that Stan (thanks for that clarification) not something I would do but I guess it makes sense if you will just join any guild that is looking. It’s Iike throwing resumes out to anyone hiring I guess vs just applying for the one “perfect” job you want.


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That’s a good analogy. Another one is “auctioning to the highest bidder”, which you’ll see sometimes too.

I woud like to joint your guild if you have slot open
My ivite code is benmuijs_2QBM

Sounds good Ben. I’ll fire you one off right away. Welcome to TAG hope you enjoy being part of the guild learning and contributing with us all. :slight_smile:

With Ben added (once he joins) We will be down to our final open slot for an active player. Our guild has come a tremendous ways in a very short time. We currently have 18 players under level 150 so I’d ideally like to invite our last open slot to anyone over level 200 that has most or all kingdoms maxed out to help balance the guild a bit between those that can contribute considerable resources vs the newer folks that are still working on getting to that point.

If you fit the bill and want to join us please reply or PM with you level and current kingdom status and hopefully you can be our 30th and final member.

Just an update on how we are doing from the first post with some stats this week so far we are at 6.7 million gold donated to guild tasks, 25.4k Seals and 3.8k trophy’s for this week (so far).


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You actually have playing active members now? lol not just 5 active?

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You and your mates left before we had a chance to get things going but they are going now. We have 30 active members and a waiting list to get in for when I remove in-active players in future now. We have 25 members in our community page and bustling discord channel full of active posters as well. I think within 3 or 4 weeks we’ll start maxing out all guild tasks and hit the 40k seal mark (maybe sooner). Most of our members are recently joined at this point with only a few of us with the guild for more than 3 or 4 weeks so the grand totals are not too high in the attached photos. The stats shown are from this week which are about 30% better than last week and I expect we’ll be much better again next week having added a couple more heavy hitters in the last few days.

All the best


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Not to burst your bubble me and my friend left for a better guild and was ranked around 400. But we left that one cuz the leader was looney. That being said if your team was as active as you say you would be better than 500. We also left you team because of poor communication. You ignored multiple messages from my friend in the guild. You seem to only care about lvlin your guild statues and thats it. Anyways good luck to you and if your mates get fed up with Tag they can join my guild Genr8AfterMath :slight_smile:

ILL your post is factually incorrect and offensive. Also I’m sure we’ll be past 400 in no time we were 2,400 not so many weeks ago. That said please do us all a favour and go elsewhere and please do not have the audacity to try and poach people directly in my or anyone else’s guild’s recruitment thread. Create your own thread if you need people.