Friendly, Low Pressure Guild, Prophets, FULL (PS4)

We’re looking for new active recruits. No weekly requirements at this time. Come help us build a strong (and friendly) guild. I’m not new to the game, just newer to playing on ps4, and can answer many questions you may have if you’re new. Post your invite code if interested. I look forward to meeting you :slight_smile:

I’m kinda searching for an active guild! I made my own yesterday,but Its boring alone. How many are you?

Only 4 of us are active at the moment. Hoping to change that. It’s been difficult to find new members, so we decided to give the forums a try. We’d love to have ya, but if you want to start right off with a full guild, we understand. Thanks for your interest :sunny:

Also my kids are in the guild, but stopped playing. I’ve been using there gems bought through guild task to buy gold and invest back into the guild. Will remove if we can get this ball rolling and fill the guild. I’ll promote as high as i can to those who join first.

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Alright! My code is Mr. Ballesalat_j7xb if you want to invite me. I’ve been playing a lot lately, but i dont know how long i’ll enjoy the game. You can just kick me if i suddenly stop playing.

Hello. Just started playing about 3 weeks ago. Still learning but fast. I’m lvl 71. I’ve already joined and departed 3 guilds that I found in the guild room. I can’t find one that has active members. I do not want to waste time trying to contribute to NOTHINGNESS. I’m currently still pert of one. But I’ll be departing as soon as I finish this last brown statue task. I’ve already invested in it and want to finish to get my reward. I play an average of 3-4 hours a day depending on my daughters needs. I love this game so far. And I’d rather be in a guild of four active players than 30 inactive players.

We’re just getting started, but hope to grow. I can’t control how fast or how much each person plays, but would love to find more like you. Let me know if you would like to help us get the ball rolling, I’ll need your invite code. You can always leave us too if it doesn’t work out, lol.

Sent you an invite a little while ago, Askls :wink:

Let me leave this guild and I’ll send my code.


Alright friend, I sent you an invite. I’ll be back on later or tomorrow. Switched over to play some ESO with a friend. Welcome aboard. Before I head to bed I’ll log back on Gems and promote you. You’ll have the ability to invite after that in case you want to add a friend or see someone looking for a guild. See ya later!

Thank you. I will see if my brother might wanna join.

I’ll check the thread again in the morning to see if anyone else would like an invite. Just post your invite code. It’s time to get some rest for now

Hi I’m not at my console at the moment so I don’t know my invite code but was wondering if you guys are still recruiting?

Yep, I’ll check back later to see if you have posted your invite code.

Okay it is SCBARE_VD9T

I tried to send you an invite. It says you in a guild already and you will have to leave that one first

Oops sorry should work now

I’ll resend in a few minutes…

Invite sent.