Looking for an active guild PS4

Hi there. Most of the guilds don’t want me becouse I am level 37.
I juist want to join an active guild, and also active in the tasks and seal earnings. I Play almost every day.
Let me now when you are in an active guild who wants an active player.

Greetz Jurathi

I’m sure there is definitely a guild that will help u grow, I am friends with many leaders and I can help u find one when I get on later. Unless you find one by then, I work all day.

Thank you for your offer Santandrix. :grinning:

Your welcome, I like to try and help anyone out that I can. Someday maybe you can join us. If I don’t find anyone I might just take u in. Give me until Sunday.

Hey Jurathi,

For lower level and casual players, Global Chat can be a good place to look, too. The casual guilds tend not to recruit as actively on the forums.

Is @RyuuHou24 still recruiting? Winter Dragon might be a good fit for you…

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Why yes, yes I am! Hit me up with your invite code jurathi.

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Jeah. I have to wash my hair and go back to the game after. Are you online in 15 minutes? Then I van leave the guild and give you my code.

Santandrix. Thanks for your help. But I think I found A guild who want to teach and help me. And I will help them.

My invitecode is JURATHI_CDBU

Good luck in whichever guild you chose there!

Yours. You can invité me. When you are online I leave my current guild

Just leave the guild, period. It’s not like anything bad is going to happen by you not being in a guild. If you had left it already, I’d have already been able to get you into mine since I already tried to invite you once.

Sounds good my friend, best of luck to you!

I leave it right away after this battle

Thank you.

Guildless i am. You can invité me.

Hey if you haven’t joined another guild.
My guild “Buttercup” is available to join.
I made it specifically for these reasons.
If not, I wish you all the best :smiley:

Thank you. I joined a guild already. And i am glad with this guild.
Wish you good luck.

I am not sure if you already found a place to go, but my guild is very welcoming to players. I also am flexible when it comes to everyones needs. So we all end up agreeing on an overall goal for requirements as a whole instead of individually.

If you would like to talk to me or any of my guild mates my PS4 name is InfernoOfLilith.
The guild is Corpsegrinders, but I currently have it set to level 100+ entry, though I don’t mind inviting you at all.

We always encourage new players who are eager to play.