Calling All Heroes! Casual Spirit (PS4) still rocks! Looking for new members!

Hello Everyone!

HiddenToots here! Guild Ambassador for Casual Spirit (PS4). We’re Level 1,365, League rank 156, Guild Wars rank 152, 860K+ trophies. Currently rocking 21 amazing, friendly and fun teammates. We’re a veteran group of players. Actively chatting, and actively playing. Our guild has minimal requirements. Mostly participate in Guild Wars, other events, and donate what you can / when you can. Above all else, we just want people who are active and looking for a chill and casual crew! We’re a great fit for:

  • People new to the game looking to find a low stress home to grow.
  • Solid landing spot for veterans in dead guilds who need a new home.
  • Larger groups looking for a merger.
  • If your guild disbands, and you and/or your friends don’t want to start a new, Level 1 guild.

Reach out to me here via PM or this thread, or find me on PS4 - HiddenToots. I’ve been playing since December 2015 - same great guild, same great folks!

Thanks, and happy gaming all!