Calling All Heroes! Casual Spirit (PS4) still rocks! Looking for new members!

Hello Everyone!

HiddenToots here! Guild Ambassador for Casual Spirit (PS4). We’re Level 1,365, League rank 156, Guild Wars rank 152, 860K+ trophies. Currently rocking 21 amazing, friendly and fun teammates. We’re a veteran group of players. Actively chatting, and actively playing. Our guild has minimal requirements. Mostly participate in Guild Wars, other events, and donate what you can / when you can. Above all else, we just want people who are active and looking for a chill and casual crew! We’re a great fit for:

  • People new to the game looking to find a low stress home to grow.
  • Solid landing spot for veterans in dead guilds who need a new home.
  • Larger groups looking for a merger.
  • If your guild disbands, and you and/or your friends don’t want to start a new, Level 1 guild.

Reach out to me here via PM or this thread, or find me on PS4 - HiddenToots. I’ve been playing since December 2015 - same great guild, same great folks!

Thanks, and happy gaming all!

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Hey @HiddenToots
Do you have room currently in CS for my wife? Temporary parking spot? I’m kinda in the doghouse, she’s away on urgent call attending to family. I think I may have gotten her Level 1100+ account (MATKIA_QFST) kicked out during GW.

Tried to send you a direct message over the PSN App but it’s timing out with an error.

I need to pick up some Tiered weapons for her from Guild events, and currently, she’s not in a Guild… Some help, please, from anyone who needs a casual player

Not a problem! I will send an invite when I’m online. Should be in an hour or so - if that’s ok!

More than ok! Thanks a million for the lifeline :mending_heart:

Invite sent! And please - if in your circles you come across anyone looking to join on a more permanent level, we’d love to fill up again! We’ve got such an awesome core here; spread the word.

Anyway - happy to help! Happy GoWing!

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Bumping up. Great guild!! Keep up the great work.

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Thanks Santandrix!! Really appreciate it!

Hi HiddenToots, I am looking to join a new guild as I seem to be the only active member in my old guild. Yours looks just the ticket. I have been playing for some years and am level 1,125.

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Sounds great! We’d love to have you on board! Send me your invite code and I’ll shoot you an invite! Be sure to leave your current guild (if you haven’t already) – otherwise, I won’t be able to send the invite. We’ve got a great team - glad to have you on it, I think you’ll like everyone!

That’s great. My invite code is RENFIELD69_SC2H. Looking forward to joining you.

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Hey! Sorry - I was not at home all day yesterday, will send the invite within the hour!

No worries. I wanted to get started earning for the guild, so found and joined you. Many thanks.

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hello i sent you a friend request. MunkHo. if you still have room i would like to join

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Hello! Yes happy to have you! I’m currently traveling for work in Delhi, but will get you in upon my return in a couple of days! I’ll let some other guildmates know too, perhaps they can send the invite — happy to have you come join us!

perfect! if there are spots open I would like to leave my current guild and apply to yours if possible

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Hey! Just friended you on PS! Message me your invite code and will send ASAP! Just got back home!

Hey! I just saw your message. Added you!


Is my invite code

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