Small active player teams Combine! Calling all Gems-of-Warriors!

I head Team Bezoar, I’m tired of having only two other active members and then wood-be match masters join up, play for a day and then freeload until I judiciously boot them! I assume there are other 2-3 person daily active teams out there that might not care so much about their guild and wouldn’t mind lumping their daily active efforts into my TEAM BEZOAR! You could try to message the other members, PSN ID/messaging options can be found by selecting a particular activity page post of that player, square button hi lighted on the right next to their name.

Anyways, just an idea.

The square button highlight is on the LEFT of the player post in the guild activity page, hit that and then you could message each guild member.

Gemsofwarriors, come out and plaaaaay! -Sean Penn