Guild Members Needed!

Hello Everyone! I have 5 and more coming member slots open and need help with task and trophies to get keys and rewards. My Guild Name is Mystic Warriors. I have members that won’t even play but, I’m giving them awhile longer to play. It’s not helping my team for letting 2+ members out of ten joyride and not play . I started 3 weeks ago and have played about everyday now. There is greater opportunity to get the Legendary Cards by the guild members . Let’s all have fun playing and getting more rewards together! Please join my guild, no invites needed!!! I will be looking forwards to having you on my team. PS4 Version. Guild Level Silver 3. 20% bonus already within 3 weeks of playing! Mainly me playing. :sunglasses:

Hi ! If you’re very active (more than 200 trophies per person and per week), and/or alone in your guild, let me invite you to my French Guild.

Hello, I will have to think about it, I could even join y’all on my steam account if I can do so. My Guild is on the Ps4 and I will have to think about your request. I’m proud of my Guild but lacking support from my team members. Only a few has really contributed to my Guild which I thank them very much for. But not logged in within two weeks is not acceptable in my Guild and I know people only get on time for time if they’re casual gamers. But, I want success for the whole team. These people don’t need to be on more hardcore like Guilds. :smirk:

Right now, I do have 9 members ! 2 VERY active players (+me I play often), 3 normally active players, me I am very active on the game ! And three casual players (one of is going to get fired soon)

We’ve just won almost 500 trophies in a few days.
We are now in the gold league, with 1300+ trophies.