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Mystic Warriors Guild is coming alive again on PS4

Dear Gems of War Ps4 players,

I’m resurrecting the Guild I started on ps4. Yes, I have Blazing Dragons on Pc that I started a month ago but, I want to also have a alive NOT dead guild on ps4 version. After a long time thinking of which version will I remain as primary I chose the Pc version. I will however be on ps4 some also throughout the week. Mainly at night or whenever I have time.

Mystic Warriors will be a casual 500 seal req Guild. Play as you can sort of guild. I promise to all, this will not be one of those competitive guilds. Play as you can but, please be active weekly that’s all I ask of you.

My most played version will be the PC though. I will be on ps4 throughout the week though, see I don’t have a computer of my own right now but, even then will play console some. I put double money into the PC version and have a lot more cards and have just picked pc over ps4. It was a tough decision I had to make. I will be on both though.

Send your invite code in this topic so I can invite you to my casual guild. I’m starting the guild again on Monday or Tuesday, Oct 10th. or 11th. I’m getting my dead guild cleaned up till Sunday Night or by Monday. Please come join me on this new adventure! :grinning: Hope to see you join me on the new long awaited update.

If you are in another guild all you have to do is leave your guild then You can join Mystic Warriors. This will not be a dead guild. We are currently Diamond 3 at the moment. LOL … I don’t think it’s 2 though but all well if it is. We will rank up at our own pace the ranks is really about the daily gold increase anyway. :slight_smile: Please send me your invite codes in reply.

Are you getting tired of getting kicked out of other guilds because of high requirements or for being inactive a few days of the week? Then come join Mystic Warriors! You do not have to be worried or tired anymore.

Does anyone need a guild to join? Then Join mine… Mystic Warriors! :smile_cat:

Send me an invite my code is MERLIN_RKAF I would be happy :blush: to join you

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This will be on Ps4 Version. Anyway, I thought they were updating the guild menu. There will be a update to console with the guild makeover and add seals later. I will still add you anyway. I have to clean out the dead members from my guild.