Recruiting to my guild


Hi everyone. I’m looking to recruit some serious players to actually help contribute to the guild so we can all be reward. Me and my friend just created a new guild, and we’re both serious about the game. The guild has only been active for an hour and I’ve donated 27000 gold. That’s how serious I am. Lol. But like I said, were just looking for some good players who want to be a part of an active guild. I’m level 48,(I’ve only been playing for like a week) and he is level 44. I have like a 99% win in Pvp. So if you want to join a serious guild and actually be a part of something good, comment your recruit code. And level doesn’t matter. As long as you contribute gold and trophies. Thanks for reading and i hope to meet some new people.


Our guild is about rank 300, we are looking for some active people to join our ranks

Give me a shout if you are interested.