Lvl 21 rank 300 ish guild recruiting



Me and a few buddies have started our guild “Kitana” a few weeks ago and we are aiming to get top 50.

The three of us have aquired about 2100 trophies so far and are looking for some active people to get it going.

Reply with your username if you are interested.




Still looking for active players to get up the ranks.


Hey, I’ve only been playing for a few days, currently level 40 something and still busy with kingdom quests and challenges and dabbling a bit in arena/pvp here and there. I joined a random guild but it has lots of inactive players so I’d love to joina more active guild.
As I said I’m just started playing a few days ago so I don’t have insane amounts of gold aquired yet to contibute (unlocking those kingdoms is expensive!) but I’m committed to do my part and I’m an active player, on almost every night


Hey Mate,

Awesome, we are also still building so a contribution here and there and some throphies is fine!

Pm me your invite code and i’ll make sure you get an invite today.



Still looking for more active people!