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Small active guild Psycho Club looking to recruit new members

Greetings and salutations fellow warriors, our guild psycho club is looking for new members. We only have 5 members at the minute however we are all daily players. The only requirement for our guild is for members to play on a regular basis. If you’re interested in joining a team who have no demands and play simply to enjoy themselves post your invite code below.

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Merge with rank 6 darkheaven?

Waiting to hear back from our Guild leader regarding merging, I think he’s looking for information regarding trophies and mastery as he doesn’t want to lose what he’s accumulated. Hopefully he’ll get back to me soon.

I can take a screenshot and you could add me on xbox one to see for sure but rank 6 level 693 members 21/30 at the moment masteries red 121 blue 130 green 112 yellow 112 purple 121 brown 114 if that is the information you are looking for. I would need gamertag, invite codes before this sunday so you would be in and get the christmas monday morning drops from our hard work this week. but note that if players cant keep up with 300K gold 1500 seals and 150 trophies I cannot guarantee that syrarthas the spanish speaking guildmaster might not cut them in a couple weeks when he logs back in, I kept thinking that in trying to recruit and rebuild and his inactivity his burn out on game he would give up guildmaster but language barrier I do not think he wants to. When I started darkheaven thread to recruit I held hope that we could take in players and not put demands on them because those 21 left play hard enough to keep guild active and he just would leave us alone to groom good players but I am not sure now what he will do. In all honesty, seems summershift in all top 15 ranked guilds higher levels are not necessarily being syphoned off but people are leaving guilds,people outgrow their guild like I have. I am leaving on sunday so I am not sure if this merge thing would be best for you anymore. I kept thinking he was going to pass over the reigns and let me and others rebuild, but doesnt look that way. good luck with trying to grow your guild. I just want to match gems like bejeweled quietly and not have stress of trying to build so I settled into another home on gems of war.

Sorry for the delay in replying I have been extremely busy the last couple of weeks, it appears that we’re going to struggle to fill the ranks :frowning: I’ll bump the thread and hopefully get some interest.

I will bump it back because I am no longer representing Darkheaven, think there are only 10 of 30 left, pity at a rank 7 they still have great props in sentinels to a fresh group that would merge but with the inconsistencies of the guildmaster that is best avoided because do know what he would do. Wish you luck.

Thanks icheewawa, hopefully we’ll get some interest.

Bumping this as we still need players, we don’t care what level player you are as long as you play on a daily basis, if you’re a low ranked member donating money is not important as you’ll be needing it to build your troops and cities all we ask is that you donate your seals, it doesn’t matter if you don’t reach 1500 just get as many as you can.