Skulls are not Gems

There are certain Troop Cards that blow up gems, target gems for removal & yet skulls aren’t targetable. And then there are Troops whom gain certain extras from “match four match five gems” bonuses which somehow also include grouped four-five skulls matched(all kinds of skulls)most noticeably, on Behemeth and others included. i propose a nerf to that feature to balance it out. whaddya think??!:grin:

IIRC, in most cases don’t most spells that target a gem color of choice specifically say “Mana Gem”, not just “Gem”? (Or, alternatively, gems of a desired “color” – Skulls being colorless.) Conversely, some troops (such as the six Elemental Guild Guardians), can create Gems of a desired type including Skulls.

Personally, I think maybe that the condition of “4 or 5 gem matches” should probably get split into two conditions: have traits that activate on matches of exactly 4 gems, and traits that activate only on matches of 5 or more gems.

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I feel like that makes the game needlessly more complicated. 4/5 gem matches has been established this way for so long that the split would just be extremely jarring


Would make more sense it if read “4+ gem matches” for every description? :thinking:

A newish player in our guild family recently asked “why can’t I select a skull with troop X but can with troop Y”…I went over all the troops they mentioned and it is what @Stratelier says - mana gem (colors only) vs. gem (colors and skulls).

Of course, I haven’t gone over every troop in the game but the ones I did look at eventually where consistent and easy to understand. I don’t think any change is necessary at the moment.

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it could be to do with the fact 4 matches never surge and 5+ always do surge