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Gem creation, removal and addition inconsistencies?

I’m not filing this under bug report cause there’s prolly something to it.

When using a troop like Zuul, you create skulls. The creation of a gem means that whatever’s already on the board that’s the same, stays the same. So for example if you create green, ALL the green that’s already there doesn’t get “flipped again” so to speak but you simply add to it. One thing that bugged me was that Zuuls, and other troops skull creation DOESN’T attribute Doomskulls to this. So if you use Zuul, a doomskull could be converted into a regular skull. This means doomskulls on the board aren’t “trusted” or “locked” and it also means the game doesn’t recognize them as the same gem.

That’s cool as they are technically different and the game doesn’t even “hint” you a doomskull match when one is available for some reason (that’s another programming issue really). (I mean when you don’t do anything and gems start “glowing” or “bouncing” to hint a match for you).

Anyway, I’m in Arena now and I have Zombie up to. His skill is to “Remove all Skulls.”. Here’s where I got a bit confused because he DOES remove doomskulls. His ability simply counts ALL skulls while any “create skulls” differentiates between regular and doom ones. How come this is the way it is and why isn’t there a separation in terminology if anything?

Can’t think of a situation off the top of my head where you convert skulls into something else (if that exists), but if someone can, and can test it, do check if that includes doomskulls or not?

Just curious about how this is programmed tbh cause I’m thinking that the “create X gem” is universal while Zombies skill might be specific to it?

Something else that is a bit more annoying is the multi-creation as well, but I guess it’d be OP otherwise. I mean for example Wild Queen where she makes green+skulls but nothing on the board is fixed even if there are already greens and skulls there. Again I suspect it’d be too OP or maybe a programming limitation?

If you know of any other inconsistensies, or want to point out how this isn’t one, feel free to add to the conversation.


I’ve just checked and Finlay converts all Skulls AND Doomskulls to a chosen colour.

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Thanks for that mate, so his also includes doom skulls, but anyone that “creates skulls” doesn’t. Interesting.

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First we have to realize that no such thing as “creating gems”. Creating means making something to fill up a void but no void on the board where you could add new gems. So create is a convert, and it converts x random gems into a one or two colors.
I am sure that this “bug” affects colored gems too. Sometimes you can catch that strange felling that your cast barely changed the board cause the spell have chosen colored gems of its’ own target color(s). 8x8 64 gems on the board, couple casts of beetrix should turn almost the whole board into brown and green, and sometimes don’t get a 4 matches for looping.
So I think it is a “create gem” mechanism problem in general.

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IMO with beetrix it goes like this:
→ create 9 green gems (and possibly overwrite some brown)
→ create 9 brown gems (and possibly overwrite some green)
→ check for matches
→ replenish matched gems with standard algoritm

I’d assume, that all multicolor gem creations are just 2 independent conversions, but even if they aren’t it’s quite possible to have multiple match3 after her cast, and not enough gems for match 4…

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