Official Change the Created Gem's Algorithm , Bad game!

This morning I found the spell to create gems was changed. Official seems avoid 4 match and above at randomly create gems. When I use troll troops just 3 matches in board, the board have 12 same color gems. It have 12*2+4=26 gems in the board, and not any 4 matches, just not once. WTF!


I’ll admit, I’ve tested many matches and I can’t get a free turn unless there are 20+ gems on the board and then its about a 40-50% chance. The other problem is when you cast, it leaves 2-3 free turns on the board for the AI to take. Yikes…

finally, the "balanced’ game that some people wanted has arrived! not me though. i hate it.


Yay! Thanks for another balance!




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If I hadn’t known this would happen the first second I came to the discussion, I wouldn’t have bothered even replying.

Looks like we got what we asked for, aye… But do not count me into the party. I could see this coming long before the lightning struck. I will probably pass further discussions of how this “fix” is absurd.

Stay strong, everyone.


tbh we never asked for that.

we never asked for algorithm that adjusts where the gems will be spawned.
rather everybody assumed that it is or should be random

we asked for many things, but not this


I need this:

Settings -> [X] Enable True RNG


I never felt compelled to write anything in here yet, not for bugs surviving for months and hotfix/patch over patch, not for massive balancing issues resulting out of the weekly events, not for bugs breaking GW games like the difficulty setting issue. But this “hotfix” does it.

I can’t understand why the solution to balancing issues out of new content that already should have been -and was- tested before it came live, now messes around with the “true” rng.

What happened before the content patch went live?
Was the Content balanced based on the data you catched in the test phase?
If you didn’t catch enough data in this short amount of time, maybe come up with a -public test realm- and give it more time and people to test?

The big issue i see is - If u don’t want loops to appear for more than 1 - 2 extra turns, you should really balance your creatures, traits and abilitys. Messing around with the “true rng” and intentionally avoiding events that would usually happen in a game with those specific creatures is more like cheating on your players than fixing problems.

Maybe u should bring back to your memory that people (including me) are paying real money for the gamecontent AND your effort to support and evolve the game in a balanced and rewarding way and not for the feeling of beeing cheated.
This patch feels sloppy and like a uncovered compromised solution

  • no one ever asked for it
  • it is mid guildwars week (again)

As in many games before, the changes to perceived balance issues(that is, if this gem creating even IS an issue) is not only putting the big nerfhammer to it, but also in way to seemingly infuriate players by not only not communicating said changes accordignly, but also putting the game element in question at a real disadvantage.

This is ridiculous, disrespectful and not exactly the way a serious business should be conducted.