Troop idea-use skulls

I would like to see a troop use skulls matches as mana to power up…could be some interesting mechanics with that?!


I don’t know the statistics, but I’d suspect that skulls have a lower drop rate than all other gems, even if there’s a Bonestorm.

So to get enough to power up a troop would probably not be feasible.

(But it’s an interesting idea :+1: )

That’s very innovative :hugs:
As a skull team enthusiast myself i can see this working with couple of skull converters.
Only downside is the troop might power up when the opposite team has lost a troop or two so it may not see much action.

I think in the latest Q&A, Sirrian turned this idea down. (before this topic even came up)

I mean, the way Lyrian wrote it, I guess its up in the air.

I think the actual answer was a bit more nuanced, as the question was about asking about the possibility of using a ‘7th Mana colour’ of skulls. Sirrian didn’t seem too keen to change the core game mechanics in that respect, but seemed okay with the possibility Nim suggested of a trait that gives Mana on skull matches.

My overall translation would be, “Yeah, that sounds okay/possible/doable, we have no plans for that, but I wouldn’t necessarily be against it depending on balance and how fun it would turn out to be”.

I guess more technically, this:

was addressed as kind of a “no/unlikely”, while this:

was addressed as a “maybe”.

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