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@Saltypatra can you close the QA with releasing the date for update 4.4 ? :grinning:

@Ghaleon, no.

@dbzfan it’s in the thread. 6 30 PM PDT.

I didnt get to watch all of the 4.4 preview stream, so dunno if it has been answered there or elsewhere.

Will the notification issue be fixed in 4.4??

@Sirrian should wear funny hats like Jay Kay

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That would be virtual insanity!


Spring Dev Q&A

4.4 Update Stuff

• How useful do you think Team Suggestion will actually be?

– Useful for new players and early-mid players. Not going to pick the next meta team.
– Useful for helping players gain ideas for color/race/troop type restricted events to build stronger teams.
– Tease: Useful for revamped explore or other new events coming in the next 6 months. System will improve in the future with the revamped events.

• How does Team Share work?

– Teams can be build using the Team Suggestion feature.
– Teams can be shared to by pasting in to in-game chat for others to use.
– Formatting of suggested teams is compatible with external communication services, such as Discord, to prove other ways to share teams.

• Why would I spend more than 1 Sigil for a Epic Battle, when I could play 2 battles instead?

– System designed for newer players, not veterans.
– Designed to allow early to mid game players to push a little farther than they would normally get in an event.

• Why did we want to revisit Daily Tasks?
• Why did we make the change and are any of the rewards changing?
• How do the rewards compare between the Daily Tasks and Adventure Board?

– Engagement with current Daily Tasks currently is low (~20% of playerbase)
– Weekly Events were mindless grinds for high amounts of event currency.
– Too much effort, too little rewards.
– Revamp is designed to provide similar reward levels that are quicker to achieve and are more engaging to players.
– No planned changes to tributes; devs are happy with current tribute system.
– Progression tasks planned for players < level 150.
– Over level 150, kill 100 enemies for 20 gems daily. Rare chance for more rewarding long-term tasks to appear.

• What is in this update for End-Game Characters?

– Team sharing outside of game primary feature. 4.4 not focused towards end-gamers.
– Next two updates will be heavily focused towards end-gamers.


• What’s going on with old event weapons?

– Solution partially rolling out next week.
– Two components: free and paid.

Free: Launching next week.
** Epic weapons in Soulforge will be removed on Monday**
– Replaced with a weapon rotation, by kingdom event.
– Will cost ~25% more than craftable event weapons (~400 to 500 diamonds in Soulforge with jewels mentioned on stream)

Paid: 3-4 weeks away
– Weekly event weapons that were not acquired and are at least 2 months old will appear as daily flash offers for ~$5 USD.
– Weapons offered are randomly selected from a list of weapons a player does not own. (Different weapons for different players offered weekly.)

– Doomed weapons will appear in the Soulforge for a higher cost (considered Mythic rarity).

• What’s going on with PVP Score?

– Team score algorithm was not designed to work with team scores >10k; breaks down near completely >12k.
– A bug caused this breakdown, was undetected for ~2 years.
– Fixing the bug resulted in the devs becoming aware of the broken scoring algorithm.

– Solution: New scoring system being designed. Flat base scores modified by team score and account level, slightly tilted towards end-gamers.
– Timing: ~2-3 weeks away, longer if a beta test occurs. Internal server fix, does not require a patch to implement.

• Will we be able to breakdown higher rarity ingots to ingots of lower rarities?

– No. Prefer to fix issues with Epic ingot drop rates first. Will appear in Adventure Tasks. Ingot gnome planned, but not in 4.4 (4.5 minimum).

• What’s going on with Higher level delves?

– Solution coming in 4.5 (~3 months away).
– Tease: Some kind of additional hero(ine) boost? Other boosts planned?

• What happened with the spelling of Gaard?

– Inconsistent naming being used by devs.
– A “final” naming for Gaard was decided and implemented for consistency, with additional troops with the name coming in the future.

• I heard about a PVP rework rumor. What’s the deal with that?

– Still in consideration to update/fix legacy coding; may or may not make it in 2019 depending on difficulty to implement.
– Core PvP will not be changed; no sigils will ever be required.
– Possible tournament style events in rework. If that happens, it will be handled separately from normal PvP.

• What’s coming in 4.5 and beyond?

– PvP rework
– Delve fixes
– Explore rework
– In mid 2020 - replacement event for new classes, as all kingdoms will have classes by April 2020.
– Wild Plains rework

– Wish list: Treasure Map and Arena rework


– New Doomed weapons being made, as old weapons will be moved to Soulforge.
– Sirrian wants to buff doomed weapons and affixes.
– Redoing quests: Not planned, other kingdom interactions potentially planned for 4.5 and beyond.
– New sinks for resources for end-gamers (souls, treasure maps, etc.): Sirrian likes the idea, needs to be planned.
– Treasure map revamp: 4.6 (Holiday patch) minimum, likely in 2020.
– Apocalypse: Unlikely to add additional troops to kingdom. Sirrian proposes possibly moving them eventually to Sin of Maraj.
– New Kingdoms?: Unlikely in 2019. Possible if the right occasion occurs, such as launching in a new territory (see: Shentang).
– Puzzle Quest 3: Still a long, long way off.
– Better rewards for class events: Sirrian agrees, but unsure what to do about that (see end of class events above).
– Power creep: Sirrian believes that the game is at a proper level of power creep, larger power jumps in the future unlikely. He is aware of the difficulties that newer players face because of recent power leaps via troops and weapons.
– Trait removal on troops/weapons: No.
– Gain mana on skull matches?: Maybe, but unlikelyNot keen on changing core mechanic (Reserves right to change mind in future.)
– Best DM in office: Sirrian and Salty.
– Pet food issues: Possibly to be added to adventure boards.
– Rewards scaling for higher level delves: Sirrian would like to explore solutions. Possible allowing delve chests >10 at high levels or boosted chest upgrade chances?
– Scaling delves down? No, because of exploitation of level 20 delves… Wants to fix reward system.
– Conversion/Transmuting of Orbs into other Orbs? No.
– Ability to block certain rewards that are unneeded to appear on adventure boards? No.
– VIP perks? In the mid-long term, perhaps a revamp. One time rewards for reaching certain VIP tiers (ex: Orb of Power), under consideration.
– Arcane traitstone drop rate: 5.5% in Explores, 1.5% elsewhere.
– Double traitstone events coming back? Possible.
– Getting gnomes in Vault easier: Likely in future.
– Adventure Boards: Traitstones, souls, keys, gems, orbs, (something new in 4.5).
– Single click spell casting for troops?: Possible, in future. Would be an opt-in feature, if implemented.
– Cancelling spells in mid-cast? Possible, but would require a revamp of a legacy system; apprehensive to do so.

Stream has concluded.


Bleh. 25 matches/day unless transform’s going to work for that. :frowning:

I agree re: daily tasks, though. I can’t remember the last time I got one unless it happened to line up with whatever I was already doing.

Everything else sounds interesting. Fast responses to a lot of things I thought were going to be a lot further out!

Spoiler: I’d love to see the PvP rework but that’s definitely a thing I wasn’t expecting even really this year? I don’t even know what I want “a rework” to mean.

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I’m glad to see some of the things on the roadmap. We should all bookmark Lyrian’s post for the next time we get restless about what’s coming (or isn’t coming) in the next few updates.

Edit: @Slypenslyde, 25 matches is three full-clear Delves; Guild events, PVP, dungeons, etc. make it easier still to reach. It seems like this target is reasonably-placed for people who are active daily.


Yeah I’ve griped about this before and don’t want to turn it into an essay. I’m “active daily” if you average my performance over the week. I generally do 0 full-clear Delves and I don’t even start on sigils until Wednesday or so. Friday and Saturday tend to be my jams where I play 150+ matches.

That paragraph is already longer than I wanted to say though, I’ll deal.

I’m pretty sure it’s been confirmed somewhere that it will (or should) be. Let me know if you want me to chase it up.

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Thanks for joining us today everyone! <3


Just posting this little snippet I was clarifying about the Adventure Board, with regards to unwanted rewards like Souls, etc. (I think):


Thanks @Lyrian

Con: the inability to forge orbs from other orbs.
Pros: everything else (assuming I didn’t misunderstand any future plans)


Yes it will be. (hopefully including the PvP rewards Notification despite if opting out of it.)

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Totally agree. I hated the old daily tasks.

Good point. That’s great for those of us with farming delves.

Oh and 4.4 will be out by this time next week. :grinning:
(Given that 4.5 is 3 months away.:wink:)


The reason for the 25 matches, is because according to the data, that is the average amount of matches people do per day based on the data that the devs have access to. I believe that is what Sirrian had said anyway, had to run and missed parts of the stream :frowning:

Glad notifications will be fixed. and the write up is great as always ty @Lyrian

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Quick Question about weapons coming:

Will the olllld event/bundle weapons coming be added for the free option?? As in, before Raid and Invasions type weapons.

Also will the flash offers even be available on PS4? Since we don’t get the usual flash offers.

I read it as, the weapon has to be tied to the kingdom to be crafted for free in the forge for that week. I doubt the paid approach will be as restrictive.