Speculations about the “Endgamer focused” updates?

Took awhile to find, but the post I was thinking of was that one, from @Lyrian’s excellent summations of dev QA streams (thanks so much for those, by the way :heart:)

Anyway! ever since reading about the two updates in the schedule being focused on end-game, I’ve found myself wondering what could be coming around the bend.

Personally, l think some sort of Overworld/Heaven mode would make sense, especially if such an update were to occur after each kingdom has a faction attached to it (though maybe it’s too early to think about something that won’t happen for two years if factions continue coming at a rate of one-a-month :joy:)

What are your thoughts?

Is there anything you think might be likely, or anything you’d hope to see?

Big or small, come one come all!

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PVP rework should be at least one of those updates. The devs have already said that it’s coming, and soon.

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Big-ticket resource vacuums. Duskbringer for 5M souls or 1M glory. Doom-like rarity troops (not ascendable, and current troops not ascendable to that level) that will require new slow-acquisition resources to upgrade fully.

Basically, super-long-term shiny objects to make sure even end-gamers have something to chase.

I know that could (and probably will) be a topic unto itself, but how do you feel about that change? They’re thinking some sort of brackets, right? Or are there just going to be different level-pools where people only fight people of levels comparable to themselves?

I think either could be cool if done well.

But l don’t want people to get stuck in molasses, like they can with Guild Wars brackets.