AI cheating [Skull targeting BUG]

AI is able to target skulls with troops that read “… gems of a chosen type” and shouldn’t.
like Dwarven Miner. [Edited]

When AI is controlling them, they are able to target skulls. And they shouldn’t be, assuming the player is not.

Uhm, I can target skulls just fine with the Devoted? Just went and tried it out again. What platform are you on? It works without an issue on PC.

It is possible I remembered that one wrong.
… So does that mean it is a bug of Dwarven Miner only? Sorry for the misinformation, I shall update the OP.

I remember seeing this right after the Dwarven Miner rework (practically every time they cast on the AI side as well), but not recently. I couldn’t get them to target skulls after a few tries in the first Khaziel challenge. Can confirm that I have seen them do this in the past, though, while during the same time period I was unable to target skulls with Miner.

In any case the fact that some troop spell texts (Guardians fe) include skulls in the “gem” keyword and most don’t, needs more specific spell texts to avoid confusion about this issue.

There are way too many misconceptions when it comes to their choice of words. That one wouldn’t hurt for sure.

There are usually two wordings used in spells.

“Gems of a chosen type” (ala Guild Gardians) and “Gems of a chosen color” (ala Dwarven Miner). The former allows the selection of skulls, while the latter excludes Skulls from the options.

I forget what troop the wording is on but select “mana gem” also excludes skulls as an option.

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Winter Knight and Aziris, and yes, you’re correct in that they exclude skulls as an option.

Though in Aziris’ case you’re changing it to a Skull so would be odd if you could select a skull :stuck_out_tongue:

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