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AI acting different

I’ve had a few matches where the enemy AI kept on taking gems even though they had two characters with spells full. At one the AI did three color matches before ever casting. I don’t recall seeing that. AI normally cast as soon as possible. Am I crazy?

thats normal, ai sometimes do that
i think mostly when you didnt cast any spell for too long but cant tell for sure

I noticed that change too, but a while back already (long time ago it was not the case, so I would guess AI got updated in that aspect along the way), I don’t know if it’s an element of randomness (saved my ass once or twice, when AI took a gem-match (not skulls) instead of using the spell to kill me), or if it’s set to wait a turn or two if specific conditions are not met, then cast regardless (i.e. like for spells scaling with specific colors, and there’s not enough gems of that color on the board).

tl:dr you are not crazy

I just checked the AI files, and there have been no code updates since we changed the matching priority for Frozen troop colors (and one specific bug fix on Orion’s spell AI a couple months back) on PC/Mobile.

The AI has always had the ability to wait a few turns since version 1.0, but it bases it off a few things… for example any troop that boosts from gem colors will have a chance to say “nope” if there aren’t sufficient gems on the board. Likewise, some troops with weaker spells (e.g. Ogre is a great example) just have a straight up chance of saying “nope” on any turn.

However, the nature of codebases is that the AI functions call lots of other support functions. It is entirely possible something in one of those has changed as part of a new feature or bug fix, and it is affecting the AI in some new or unintended way.


Yeah, I also have noticed a chage in AI behaviour in the last 1-2 month.
AI has charged spells, also uncharged troops and makes a 3-link in a colour that none of its or mine troops use and this doesnt activate any cascades.
That move simply doesnt make sense and wasnt there before. Before there were not casting instead of denying me my mana, what actually was often infuriating. But that linking useless undenying mana is new and strange.
An like someone said: I happened when it was beneficial for me, like saving me 2 times from a charged Famine.